Happy New Year!!!

2022–the year of the tiger (my year!) and a continuation of the global pandemic that has flipped our world for the past couple of years. I’m here to keep on keeping on and drop down a few resolutions.

I know, right?

Resolutions bring with them elevated expectations, failed deadlines, and ensuing depression—but that’s only if you approach them the wrong way. I’m taking the more relaxed approach, viewing them more as a guideline than some kind of demand of my daily life.

I’ll keep it simple since overcomplicating tends to lead to pressure, the excess of which we’re trying to avoid. A little pressure is good, though.

  1. Write more!
    This includes a bit of everything, really: blogging here in short or long form, tweeting, and creative writing…I think I might be ready to take to the writing desk and apply myself on more of a schedule. It’d be really great to get out a complete rough draft of one of my many project ideas.
  2. Get back on the healthy track.
    I could blame this on the holiday season that started all the way back at Halloween, but I really have nothing else to blame but my own weak self control once festivities and colder weather could be used as excuses. Diet, exercise, balance of hobbies, sleep schedule, these all could use some return to normalcy.
  3. Home sweet home.
    I mentioned in my previous post that we moved last year from our first, starter home to what I assume will be our very long term home (maybe forever home? Who knows…), and with that move and feeling of permanency comes a need to establish our identity on this blank canvas. We’ve already put in a lot of work on the floors and walls, and still have some larger projects for the next several years to finish, but one particular room I’d like to complete this year is my little library room. It’s already painted and lined with bookshelves, but I’ve got an emptied closet to turn into a reading nook, and the perfect writing chair to discover.
  4. Get into FF endgame!
    The last couple of years were pretty big four our foray into GW2 endgame and then the ensuing drop in interest once all our goals were met and no further content released. That’s when we decided to try out FFXIV (see my 12 Days post for more info). We almost immediately fell in love with the lore, the community, and the vast amount of material we still have ahead, including endgame. I’d love for us to get into true endgame with raids. Get good, find a static, get those titles? Let’s go!

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!!

  1. Sounds like some great goals for the year! I think just about every blogger has said that they want to write more in the new year. Getting healthier is always a good idea. And making a forever home is also really good. It’s just one of those things that people underestimate, but knowing that you never have to move again is just such a stress reliever! Luck you get the year of the tiger, I still have to wait for the year of the dog to come around!

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    • Haha, thank you! I’ve always been proud of having the tiger as my year since I like the animal quite a lot itself, though dog sounds great, too.

      I hope you also stay healthy and that whatever goals you’ve set for yourself, small or large, come to fruition this year ^.^

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