I am not currently adding blogs to my list, as the ones listed are either ones I read regularly, or belong to friends.  However, if your blog is about something you think I’d find interesting, go ahead and place a comment about it!

71 thoughts on “Blogroll

  1. Hello Marina~
    I had been checking up and reading your blog for quite awhile.. and thought.. why not have a collaboration and conquer the world? ;D

    Uhhhhh nvm. To cut a long story short, mind to have a link exchange with me? ;D


  2. Hello Marina. I like your blog immensely and would love to be your blogger friend.
    If you are free, please take a look at my old shabby blog and if you are interested, let’s trade links. Thanks 🙂


  3. Your glorious blog makes me feel like I should work harder in fixing mine. I’ll go with the comment flow and ask if you want to trade links even though I am truly unworthy of it.


    • Hey-o, ahelo! I would love to exchange links with you :3 I’m already a lurker on your blog and just need to work up the courage to actually comment!


  4. Hi Marina. I just discovered your blog thanks to the “Remembering Love” series are found out about the anime inspired recipes you write about. I used to do these on an older blog I had and it brings good memories to see these type of posts again 🙂
    Would you be interested in exchanging blogroll links with me?


  5. Hello there!

    I stumbled upon your site recently, and as I am always interested in growing in the community I was wondering if you might look upon my site ( and let me know whether you’d be interested in an affiliation. 🙂

    Thank you!


  6. ( ゚▽゚)/ Hey! Congratulations for such an amazing blog! (-‿◦☀)
    Would you like to exchange links? I have already added you 。(⌒∇⌒。)


  7. Hey Marina, hope you are doing well! Heading out to Anime Expo again this year?

    Just wanted to mention that I’ve recently put up a complete redesign of my website. The domain hasn’t changed, but I noticed that the link in your blogroll points to my old blog. If you could please update the link to just, it’d be much appreciated! I also added you to our new affiliates page!

    Many thanks, hope to see you again at AX this year. :3


    • I’ll be passing on AX this year in exchange for a 2-week Japan trip 🙂 I’m sad I won’t see everyone this year, but super excited to visit Japan for the first time. I am, however, going to Sakuracon (this weekend).

      Thanks for the update on your blog’s link; I’ll get that changed right away.


      • Aw, it’s too bad you won’t be coming down, but hey, you’ll be going to the real deal instead! Sounds really exciting, so I look forward to reading your post-trip writeup! 😀

        Many thanks for changing the link as well!


  8. Hey Marina, just wanted to notify you that Daifuuku! has recently come out of hiatus. We’ve gone through a rebranding so we’re now Café Daifuuku.
    Anime B&B is still on our blogroll. However if you want to wait a month or so before removing the ‘hiatus’ that’s fine with us! Thanks for keeping us on your blogroll!


    • Thanks! My banners do change, but I have mostly Hakase-themed touches with my avatar and my Twitter. I keep meaning to update my Top 30 list since it’s constantly changing with each season.

      I’ll take a look at your blog! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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  9. Hello, Marina.
    I created blog about light novel analysis and blogroll for exchanging link. I want to exchange link if you don’t mind. I see your blog is clean and update, that’s why I love your blog.

    This is my blog.

    Hope to receive your answer soon. :3

    Ps. if you accept my request, how about exchange follow blog too?


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