The first of my summer shows to wrap up the season is ASTRA LOST IN SPACE, and it’s with a bit of a sad tone that I bid it farewell. This was, without a doubt, one of my favorite shows these past few months with its focus on exploration, mystery, and a healthy balance of comedy and suspense. I could have gone on for several more weeks of ASTRA’s journey through space. Instead, the story chose to follow a tight schedule to ensure closure after twelve episodes.

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Kaiseki Anime Podcast Episode 035 – Spring 2019 Season Review

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:25 Sarazanmai
  • 02:26 Attack on Titan Season 3, Part 2
  • 07:22 Fairy Gone
  • 09:35 One-Punch Man Season 2
  • 14:29 We Never Learn
  • 15:53 Kono Oto Tomare!: Sounds of Life
  • 19:55 Isekai Quartet
  • 23:53 Senryu Girl
  • 24:47 Bungo Stray Dogs 3
  • 30:58 Cinderella Nine
  • 32:35 Nobunaga Teacher’s Young Bride
  • 34:05 Ao-chan Can’t Study
  • 35:33 Dororo
  • 38:55 Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
  • 40:37 YU-NO
  • 42:20 Carole and Tuesday
  • 44:30 Outro

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Music Credits:

  • “Clover 3” by Vibe Mountain
  • Dororo OP Theme #2: “Dororo” by ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION
  • “Seasons” by roljui

Summer 2018 Season Wrap: Harukana Receive, Major 2nd, Holmes of Kyoto, & Encouragement of Climb S3

Never fear, Marina is here with the start of her summer reviews! I may have skipped out on my usual set menu at the start of the season, but there’s no way I was going to miss out on my final thoughts for the surviving shows on my list. As a whole, I found this summer season a bit lackluster in content, but there were still a few shining exceptions to keep me going until the fall. Included here are a couple of surprises, one disappointment, and a reliable win of a show. Let me know what you thought of these series!

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Spring 2018 Season Wrap: Hisone and Maso-tan, Umamusume, Food Wars! The Third Plate, & DARLING in the FRANXX

Don’t judge me; this has been a very busy year so far! I finished these shows quite a while go, but never got around to reviewing them thanks to the bulk of new summer shows and a whole lot of real life stuff. But here I am now, and only one series short of my expected spring season wrap. Tokyo Ghoul:re will have to wait for a rainy day.

As much as I enjoyed all of these shows to varying degrees—they were all interesting, never boring—I felt only one of them truly pushed past mediocrity into leaving a lasting impression.

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Spring 2018 Season Wrap: Yotsuiro Biyori, SAO Alternative: GGO Online, & Tada Never Falls in Love

The spring reviews continue on a slow, but steady, roll, and this time with three surprising finds of the season that one of my overall favorites. If there’s one take away I must impart, it’s to please, please try Yotsuiro Biyori if you have not already. If you do try the other two, well, that’s just extra yummy icing!

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Spring 2018 Season Wrap: Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card, Amanchu! Advance, & Hinamatsuri

Can anyone even think of another spring season in recent memory as strong as this one? Spring 2018 will likely be a season to remember for years to come as providing a strong line-up of originals and continuations, and that’s even after a winter season almost as golden in content.

Today, we start with three endearing anime with a knack for combining comedy and drama. Buckle up—this is only the beginning of a long run of reviews!

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[Review] Aggretsuko

You may have noticed a red panda gracing social media lately, sometimes with her generic, cute smile, and frequently mimicking a death metal scream. Retsuko is the latest Sanrio mascot who rose to popularity thanks to two animated series and her intense relatability among adult viewers. It wasn’t until I saw several fans on Twitter singing Aggretsuko praises that I went to see what the hype was all about. Trust me, this a show you need to watch.

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[Review] Bungo Stray Dogs: Dead Apple

Bungo Stray Dogs: Dead Apple is a side story film to a television series of the same name with two seasons under its belt. Characters and events over the course of both series are drawn upon heavily for the movie, which takes place in a re-imagined Yokohama where a small percentage of the population wields supernatural powers. A more unique aspect of the world is the literary spin on its cast, all of whom share names with literary figures from writers to poets. While some of their gifts draw inspiration from their character roles as authors, detectives, and the like, others seem to enjoy no connection. Whether or not you are familiar with the character models of these names, the story and style of BSD encourages you to partake in their adventures of crime and mystery.

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