12 Days of Anime – [5] Working!!!

It took three seasons for us to reach this point, with an agonizing season of stasis in between, but I’m sure that every viewer who witnessed the above scene had a huge, goofy grin on his or her face.

The Working! franchise is a restaurant-set sitcom, where everything revolves around the staff of Wagnaria. They each have their quirks, even the seemingly normal characters. Satou looked like his feelings would forever remain unrequited; Yachiyo’s devotion to the restaurant manager and to her own responsibilities boded ill for any sort of romantic interest thrown her way, not to mention her extreme denseness for such matters. Working!!! blew in with force and rounded up the many stories for an epic final season that satisfied my greatest wish for two of my favorite people. Congratulations, Satou and Yachiyo!

7 thoughts on “12 Days of Anime – [5] Working!!!

  1. I’m glad that they took the opportunity to make couples. It’s actually a rare thing when they will bring that kind of wrap up to a series like this.

    They did a lot with this 3rd series of Working that was good, besides getting Yachiyo and Satou and Inami and Takanashi together. I actually grew to like Yamada, because they got her away from her one joke and actually had the character gain some awareness. The turning point was when she told Takanashi that his punishment for making someone feel bad was having to spend time with Yamada!

    I’m interested in seeing what the ending movie holds in store.

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    • Yamada really did surprise me with this final season. The time spent on her family really helped explain why she acts the way she does–I honestly can’t blame her for running to Wagnaria the way she did! :p


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