Anime Expo Day 0

My adventure started a bit on the wrong foot–I was so excited about the trip that I didn’t sleep a wink the night before my very early morning flight.  Coupled with the fairly short distances and almost zero layover time, I wasn’t able to snag any zzzs on the way to L.A.  By the time I finally made it through the airport, to my hotel, and to the Convention Center to pick up my badge, it was already 5:30 PM.  The happy result of this was that by then the line was a constant flow and the whole process only took a painless 1.5 hours (compare that to the 3 hours and up some people waited at the start!).

Although I was unable to meet up with any of my forum friends, I did get to enjoy a dinner with a large group of fellow anibloggers and co. in Little Tokyo, all at the patient coordination of zzeroparticle.  Honda-ya was a great little Japanese restaurant, and my takoyaki and zaru tororo perfectly complemented the chit chat I shared with Icy and Blitzwing, who were kind enough to oblige my shyness.  Zzeroparticle was a champ with the organization of over 30 people who were spread out over four different tables.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to meet everyone there, but it was nice to see such a sizable group from many different locations get together in one location out of love for anime and blogging.


4 thoughts on “Anime Expo Day 0

  1. Lol Doesn’t that just always happen though? I know at least in my case that the excitement that costs me sleep also carries me through the day so it’s a nonissue.

    Wow…That get together is way beyond me. I’m glad you enjoyed it though and the food looked great.


    • It really drives me nuts how even the tiniest bit of excitement keeps me awake like this when I need sleep the most! And what do you mean the get together is beyond you? Do you mean that you don’t like large gatherings like that, or are you commenting on the hassle of our large group in a small restaurant?


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