[12 Days of Anime] Day 10: Laid-Back Camp Season 2

You can do it, Nadeshiko!

What a surprise, Marina including Laid-Back Camp’s second season in her yearly holiday list! If you’ve known me at all over the past several years, there was no doubt that this gem of a show would be included, if not for content, at least for its cozy vibes keeping me warm on those cold nights.

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Kaiseki Anime Podcast Episode 073 – Laid-back Camp S2 & Horimiya

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:00 Laid-back Camp Season 2
  • 13:46 Horimiya
  • 22:25 Outro

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Music Credits:

  • “Clover 3” by Vibe Mountain
  • Laid-back Camp Season 2 OP: “Seize The Day” by Asaka
  • “Seasons” by roljui

Winter 2018 Season Wrap: Laid-Back Camp, Magus Bride, Koizumi Loves Ramen, & School Babysitters

Now that I’m back stateside and everyone else has moved on to the spring season, it’s about time I start wrapping up the winter shows! I’ve got a lot to talk about this time around, so you can look forward to several more wraps to come after this one.

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Following Laid-Back Camp into Nature

It’d be a crime for me to allow the winter season to close without dedicating space to one of my favorites of the season, Laid-Back Camp. Along with A Place Further than the Universe, this show makes approaching the outdoors seem as natural as breathing. While the sites shown in the anime are real places in Japan, the characters’ attitudes towards camping will hopefully push viewers to explore similar activities close to home. I know it has certainly inspired me to re-evaluate my hesitation towards tents and off-season camping. My complaints suddenly seem small compared to the wide views seen by these girls.

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Now Announcing: Kaiseki Anime Podcast

I, along with Draggle of Draggle’s Anime Blog, recorded the first podcast in what will hopefully be a fun addition to the anime podcast community. We hope you will take a half hour out of your day once every two weeks to listen to Kaiseki Anime: our thoughts on currently airing anime, as well as the occasional review of older series.

This week, we discuss two of our favorites of the Winter 2018 season—Laid-Back Camp and A Place Further than the Universe. I made sure to also educate Draggle on the finer points of Hakumei and Mikochi, a show surely worth more of his time than Killing Bites. Let us know what you think of these shows on our blogs, or through Twitter!

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:24 Laid-Back Camp
  • 14:44 A Place Further than the Universe
  • 23:37 Hakumei and Mikochi
  • 26:08 Killing Bites
  • 30:58 Outro

Winter 2018 Set Menu

Winter season is finally here and I’m sorry to say that, contrary to my expectations a couple months ago, my watch list is once again far too big. There were the predictable few I knew would catch my interest, and then there were the unknowns, the shows that caught me from the first week and convinced me to stick it out for the long run. Hit the jump to see which shows I’ll be following in the coming months (hint: they involve a lot of warm layers)!

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