Fall 2011 Season Wrap (complete with balloons and fireworks!)

Since I originally planned on having this out earlier, I thought I’d have a separate, very short post wishing everyone a Happy New Year.  Buuuuuut, thanks to my recent infatuation with Korean dramas, finishing up the fall anime became less of a priority.  Although it took a bit longer than anticipated, here are my quick final impressions of the fall season.  Happy 2012, everyone!


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Initial Thoughts: Mirai Nikki, UN-GO, Guilty Crown

I couldn’t help but group these three together since I get a similar sci-fi feeling from all of them.  They all also easily made my watching list, which makes dropping Kimi no Boku. even more likely.  A lot of hype has been built up for each of these, and now I understand a little why.  If Mirai Nikki, UN-GO, and/or Guilty Crown are not on your list of shows to check out for the season, then you’re definitely missing out!Read More »