Kaiseki Anime Podcast Episode 024 – Ulysses: Jeanne d’Arc and the Alchemist Knight

We (at least two of us) are excited to talk about Ulysses this week with special guest Hyoton. Join in for titillating discourse on fantastical harems, historical fiction, and aliens from outer space.

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:54 Introducing guest Hyoton
  • 01:34 Ulysses: Jeanne d’Arc and the Alchemist Knight
  • 42:47 Outro

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Music Credits:

  • “Clover 3” by Vibe Mountain
  • Ulysses: Jeanne d’Arc and the Alchemist Knight OP: “Liberation (リベラシオン)” by Mai Fuchigami
  • “Seasons” by roljui