[Review] Flavors of Youth

It took me a few years to finally get around to watching the 2018 film Flavors of Youth, which you can now find on Netflix. This anime-original anthology includes three short stories in different Chinese locations each with their own cast of characters. Studio CoMix helms the film, which you might recognize from recent Makoto Shinkai works Your Name, She and Her Cat, and Weathering With You. When I first noticed this work and its title, I assumed it would be some kind of food adventure commentary on regional foods. This holds true for the first story, but the “flavors” here are instead a description of experiences and emotions that do resonate for the short time we’re together but fade away quickly once the film ends.

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Boruto: Episodes 70-92, Ohnoki Arc Retrospective

I’ve been catching up on Boruto: Naruto Next Generations lately, most recently with the Ohnoki arc from 2018. Sounds like forever ago, doesn’t it? I’m pretty shocked myself to have fallen so far behind a show that is already well within range of 300 episodes, particularly during such a fantastic part of the anime from all that I’ve seen so far. This particular section resonates even more so because of my recent reading of Kazuo Ishiguro’s short novel, Klara and the Sun. Both feature artificial life modeled after the human species, and in both they question the definition of a human soul in manners that would argue for them already possessing souls of their own. Mitsuki, along with members of Hidden Stone Village, stands at the center of this arc’s storyline. His quest to find himself is also our quest to discover our very own heart stone.

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Summer 2018 Season Wrap: Harukana Receive, Major 2nd, Holmes of Kyoto, & Encouragement of Climb S3

Never fear, Marina is here with the start of her summer reviews! I may have skipped out on my usual set menu at the start of the season, but there’s no way I was going to miss out on my final thoughts for the surviving shows on my list. As a whole, I found this summer season a bit lackluster in content, but there were still a few shining exceptions to keep me going until the fall. Included here are a couple of surprises, one disappointment, and a reliable win of a show. Let me know what you thought of these series!

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Kaiseki Anime Podcast Episode 011 – Summer 2018 Season Preview

It’s back to the grind, with a whole slew of new shows to taste and review. Join us to find out which summer shows we’re most excited about, and which ones teeter on the edge. As a side note, I am in no way watching more trash shows than Draggle.

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:57 BANANA FISH
  • 02:42 Cells at Work!
  • 05:08 Encouragement of Climb 3
  • 07:35 Free! -Dive to the Future-
  • 09:10 Holmes of Kyoto
  • 11:54 Overlord III
  • 15:07 Revue Starlight
  • 17:30 Tenrou: Sirius the Jaeger
  • 19:10 Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion
  • 23:27 Chio’s School Road
  • 27:05 Grand Blue Dreaming
  • 32:23 HANEBADO!
  • 34:47 Harukana Receive
  • 36:35 Phantom in the Twilight
  • 38:00 Planet With
  • 40:50 Seven Senses of the Re’Union
  • 44:23 Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs
  • 46:30 How Not to Summon a Demon Lord
  • 48:30 Happy Sugar Life
  • 51:29 Island
  • 52:05 The Master of Ragnarök & Blesser of Einherjar
  • 53:35 Attack on Titan 3
  • 55:53 Muhyo & Roji’s Bureau of Supernatural Investigation
  • 56:17 Tsukumogami Kashimasu
  • 57:43 Asobi Asobase – workshop of fun –
  • 59:05 Final thoughts
  • 59:40 Outro

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