Fall 2011 Season Wrap (complete with balloons and fireworks!)

Since I originally planned on having this out earlier, I thought I’d have a separate, very short post wishing everyone a Happy New Year.  Buuuuuut, thanks to my recent infatuation with Korean dramas, finishing up the fall anime became less of a priority.  Although it took a bit longer than anticipated, here are my quick final impressions of the fall season.  Happy 2012, everyone!


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2011 AniBloggers’ Choice Anime Awards

In participation with Kiddtic’s 2011 ACAA, here are my picks for the past year.  I probably had the most difficulty narrowing down my choices for the current fall season since there are quite a few that vied for my second and third choices.  I’m also going to include an additional Licensor Award since I think it’s a great idea for supporting our local licensing of a medium we all love and hopefully want to share with others.

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Initial Impressions: Bunny Drop, Mawaru Penguindrum, NO.6, Blood-C

Bunny Drop: On-hold
I know many readers who see my “On-hold” status on this show and are probably slightly apalled at my poor taste due to the overwhelming hype that this show has gotten.  Not only is the anime broadcasting on the notorious, high-quality noitaminA, but it also features a unique art style and story set up.  The magic’s in the cards, it would seem.  Although I do applaud Bunny Drop for its nostalgic, sketch-like art, as well as for its less than appetizing portrayal of some humans’ lack of warmth, this first episode failed to “ring the bell of happiness.”  Never once in the 22 minutes did I feel particularly drawn to any one character, not even to Rin, who I figured would clench my affections immediately.  Yes, I felt terrible for her situation, and yes, I was horrified at the family’s reluctance to take her in; however, the personalities of every character, including Rin and Daikichi, were so bland that I would easily forget them if I were to meet them in reality.  Nevertheless, I will continue to try this show out before I make my final decision on keeping or kicking it.

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