[Review] Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine

“So if you want to look at me, then stop everything you’re doing. Stop everything but your beating heart and look at me.”

Alluring, intoxicating, hypnotic, and quite possibly fatal, Fujiko Mine is a woman who defies definition and explanation. This makes it doubly important to experience her “story” outside of the constraints of the main Lupin series, where her place and purpose are determined by those around her rather than by any tale of her own. The masterful storytelling is propped up by a precise, yet rough, art style, as well as by the jazz music that pulses through your veins from start to finish. Everything about The Woman Called Fujiko Mine exudes a cool style that perfectly presents us its namesake.

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Spring 2018 Set Menu

The Spring 2018 season is here with a smash, thanks to a slew of heavy hitters straight from the first week. Some of them are new and exciting in their craft, while others are reliable continuations. I’ve organized my watch list by priority, but you can use the below alphabetical list to skip to the shows that interest you the most. I will of course appreciate it if you take the time to check out everything on my set menu this season.

Ready? Start!

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[12 Days of Anime] Day 11: Anime in The Theater

2017 was the year of anime movies, from immediate hits like Your Name. to film festivals playing classics like Akira. For the first time in my life, anime movies felt accessible. Theaters near me made the impossible available, allowing me to both re-experience the awe of older films as well as join in on the  hype of new releases. We were even given the option of choosing dates, limited as they were, for either subbed or dubbed versions. This gives me hope that we’ll continue to see more works brought overseas in the coming years.

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