Now Announcing: Kaiseki Anime Podcast

I, along with Draggle of Draggle’s Anime Blog, recorded the first podcast in what will hopefully be a fun addition to the anime podcast community. We hope you will take a half hour out of your day once every two weeks to listen to Kaiseki Anime: our thoughts on currently airing anime, as well as the occasional review of older series.

This week, we discuss two of our favorites of the Winter 2018 season—Laid-Back Camp and A Place Further than the Universe. I made sure to also educate Draggle on the finer points of Hakumei and Mikochi, a show surely worth more of his time than Killing Bites. Let us know what you think of these shows on our blogs, or through Twitter!

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:24 Laid-Back Camp
  • 14:44 A Place Further than the Universe
  • 23:37 Hakumei and Mikochi
  • 26:08 Killing Bites
  • 30:58 Outro

The Big, Little Lives of Hakumei and Mikochi

This winter has been one of coziness in the unlikeliest of settings. Usually, I spend this season wrapped in layers of sweaters and blankets with no intention of leaving until late March. A few shows this season are challenging that self-defense mechanism by featuring lovable characters living life to the fullest in Nature’s embrace regardless of the temperature or elements. One such series is Hakumei to Mikochi, which admittedly flew under my radar until a dear reader pointed me in its direction.

At a glance, the show falls squarely into the healing category of slice of life; all our characters do, after all, is go about their lives in harmony with one another and their environment. This is a story perfectly acceptable for family viewing, and might even be misrepresented as aimed solely at children due to its art style. Hakumei to Mikochi is so much more than a feel-good, family-friendly anime. There’s ample support for sustainable country living, community involvement, and racial and gender equality. The show’s gentle atmosphere does well to promote these stances without preaching or judgement.

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