[Review] Encouragement of Climb S1 and S2

Living in the Pacific Northwest of the United States means nature is always a short distance away. Day trips to the mountains for a bit of sightseeing, hiking, and picnicking are common. Having grown up in Alaska, I’ve always respected the wilderness in all her beauty and danger, but I never actively sought out my own adventures outside of required family and school excursions. When I moved to Washington State and spent more time in the city, I started to crave the meditative woods. For the first time, I researched different hiking trails, even going so far to look into hiking groups on Facebook and Meetup. Washington has a fantastic online resource that not only listing and mapping the trails, but also describing each step of the way and allowing users to upload pictures and their own seasonal trail reports.

Not many people have the fortune of such readily accessible resources, and it can be intimidating getting into the hobby alone. It’s no surprise that Yama no Susume’s Aoi hesitates to accept Hinata’s offer to go hiking; she’s never had the occasion to venture into the wilderness for most of her life. It’s her lack of knowledge and insecurity fuel the sense of adventure that permeates every aspect of this series.

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