Cross Game – Making Sports Enjoyable

I have nothing against sports in particular, in fact, I played soccer back in the day from grade school up until my senior year of high school.  I always envied other jocks who played multiple sports from childhood; I was never allowed to play hand sports as a kid since my mother was afraid of the possibility of her darling piano-playing daughter obtaining some hand injury.  Soccer was okay as long as I stayed away from the goalie position–broken legs: you can still play piano!

Despite liking the physical action of sports, I have never enjoyed watching them.  Football? Baseball? Even soccer? BAH.  There isn’t much opportunity for watching sports in person where I live, so television is pretty much the only medium for getting your fix.  I just don’t understand the appeal of sitting in front of the tube staring at these little figures running around on a field like balls in a pinball machine.

Cross Game

So this dislike of watching sports on a screen of course translates into immediate caution towards sports anime–how in the world can sports in anime-form be any more enjoyable? Praise for Cross Game repeatedly hounded me on my searches for in-depth series, touching on almost every one of my likes: romance, comedy, drama, school, and…sports? I, in turn, repeatedly ignored suggestions for Cross Game and watched shows that temporarily pleased, but ultimately did not impress.  Anxious for something with more impact and lasting power, I finally gave the baseball anime a try.

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