2011 AniBloggers’ Choice Anime Awards

In participation with Kiddtic’s 2011 ACAA, here are my picks for the past year.  I probably had the most difficulty narrowing down my choices for the current fall season since there are quite a few that vied for my second and third choices.  I’m also going to include an additional Licensor Award since I think it’s a great idea for supporting our local licensing of a medium we all love and hopefully want to share with others.

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2011 Spring Season Final Impressions

This season review discusses: AnoHana, A-Channel, Dog Days, Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko, Deadman Wonderland, GOSICK, The World God Only Knows 2, Maria Holic Alive, and Sengoku Otome: Momoiro Paradox.

This may possibly have been my busiest viewing season ever, totaling at 9 from this Spring 2011 season, and an additional 4 still ongoing shows.  The higher number of viewed anime also resulted in a wider variety of genre than I usually watch at once.  Forced to watch episodes one at time on a weekly basis, I found handling this many shows more manageable than I had previously thought it would be, most likely because of the different flavors each anime provided.  From dramas like AnoHana, mystery thrillers like GOSICK, satiric comedies like TWGOK2 and Maria Holic Alive, and fantastical fan service like Sengoku Otome, my table was covered with a number of savory dishes.  Though many of them followed through on their initial bursts of flavors, a sad number of them finished with not so pleasant aftertastes.

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J-Drama Review of Asuko March!: Blending HanaKimi and Gokusen

Enough of summer season initial impressions for now! Amidst all the new anime, I stumbled across a 2011 spring J-drama titled Asuko March! This live action is a bit of a cross between the J-dramas Hanazakari no Kimitachi e and Gokusen, and certainly stands its ground as one of my more recently enjoyed school dramas.  Though I’ve been wading through a pool of angsty K-drama romances, I went back to my Japanese live action foundation to try a newer series.  My stint away from that particular circle was immediately evident, as the only actors I recognized were the two adult teachers.  Upon looking up the acting backgrounds of the student characters, I also saw that they were all younger than me by at least a few years.  Despite having finished high school many years ago, I still enjoy school dramas, albeit from what I like to consider a wiser standpoint.

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Menma (Spring/Summer 2011) Banner


In conjunction with the currently airing anime, AnoHana, and my food-themed, anime blog, I present to you the latest banner for Anime B&B.  It features the lovely Menma and her delicious bowl of ramen (source image).  Of course, any AnoHana fan knows that her favorite bowl would include a stirred egg, instead of a whole one >.< Enjoy the summer addition!

On another note, I decided to pick up the new Twenty Eleven WordPress theme.  Let me know what you think!

Previous banners can of course be viewed on my GFX page.

Initial Thoughts on Tiger & Bunny, A Channel, Maria†Holic Alive, and Sengoku Otome: Momoiro Paradox

Featuring hero "Fire Emblem," a.k.a. the red Batman with a fondness for men. FIRE!

Tiger & Bunny (Ep. 1)
Well, I wasn’t sure what I would think about this show based off of the very sparse description on pretty much every anime chart I looked out, but I must say that I was pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable I found this first episode.  Sunrise pairs two interesting ideas: advertisement and superheroes.  Advertisement-wise, they are making use of their sponsors by putting their logos into the anime on specific heroes.  The advertisement idea goes even further in plot and characters, as superheroes are also sponsored by major businesses in the anime and perform all their heroic feats live on television in the very popular show “Hero TV.”

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1st Batter up! Initial Thoughts on Hanasaku Iroha, Nichijou, Dog Days, and Steins;Gate

Since this is my first try at discussing currently airing anime in groupings like this, I’ve decided to break them down into 3-4 separate groups, starting with this first one.  I’ve chosen my anime based mostly on visuals and brief synopses alone, and not on others’ comments.  I’d rather not get sucked into the good or bad hype before actually tasting the shows myself.