Self-Sacrifice and Surival of the Fittest in Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

Natural disasters–I’m a big fan.  As long as it doesn’t happen in real life, I can enjoy the horror and adrenaline rush of imagining what I see on screen or read in a book as reality.  What would I do in that situation? Who would I trust? Could this actually happen, and am I mentally and physically prepared to survive in such a situation?

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

Strictly considering “realistic” possibilities, I have a hard time thinking about anime that cover the happenings of any type of natural disaster.  I’m thinking more along the lines of live action films like Deep Impact, Dante’s Peak, The Day After Tomorrow, and TwisterTokyo Magnitude 8.0 is one such anime, conjecturing the possible results of an 8.0 scale earthquake hitting Tokyo.  Like the aforementioned films, the anime has its fair share of realistic and far fetched situations, not only in the science of the disaster, but also in the psychology of the people involved.  I’m no science buff and can’t tell whether the events presented in the show are close to the truth for if an earthquake of such a level actually strikes a large city like Tokyo, but I felt the anime did a good job of magnifying the horror of the disaster by focusing primarily on the relations between those involved, raising questions on family, friendship, and community.

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