ISML 2012 Official PV (The real thing)

In line with April Fool’s Day, ISML gave us a gag PV for the 2012 Regular Season (though it seems a bit early to me since we don’t have our full list of contestants yet).  Not long after, we got the real thing:

Though the PV is already out, we still have one more Preliminary Phase to go.  Phase III consists of 64 candidates per division (Nova and Stella).  The sixteen groups of four will compete in a single elimination tournament, and bracket winners will move on to the Regular Season.

Girls I’m still crossing my fingers for include:

  • Ayase Chihaya
  • Shinonome Nano (though my hopes are low as the Nichijou cast has been doing very poorly)
  • Kuronuma Sawako
  • Shinonome Hakase
  • Ika-Musume
  • Yune
  • Hoshii Miki
  • Anjō Naruko

Voting for the final Preliminary Phase begins again on Sunday, April 8th.

ISML Prelims Phase 1, Day 3 Votes

I find it cruel that Rin and Saber are set against one another.  My solution? Vote for them both!

ARENA 01: [Anjō Naruko] Haruna Iwasawa Asami [Shinonome Hakase] Shiomiya Shiori Tachibana Kanade Yarizui Sen
ARENA 02: Gokō Ruri (Kuroneko) Haqua du Lot Herminium Horizon Ariadust (P-01s) Laura Bodewig [Oshimizu Nako] Tōwa Erio [Yamada Aoi]
ARENA 03: Amami Haruka Eucliwood Hellscythe Hakamada Hinata [Kaga Rin] Mikazuki Yozora [Sakura Kyōko] Ueno Kirika
ARENA 04: Amaha Miu Hotogi Shirayuki [Kaname Madoka] Sena Airi Suzutsuki Kanade [Uryū Minene] Yui
ARENA 05: Fear Kubrick [Hoshii Miki] Kasugano Sora [Nakamura Yuri] Reki Tomoe Mami Toshinō Kyōko
ARENA 06: Charlotte Dunois Himeji Mizuki [Honma Meiko] [Ika-Musume] Inui Sana Nanasaki Ai Shimada Minami
ARENA 07: Akiyama Mio Fate Testarossa [Hanekawa Tsubasa] Hyūga Hinata Illyasviel von Einzbern Sakurano Kurimu [Tainaka Ritsu]
ARENA 08: Alice Fujibayashi Kyō Hoshina Utau Kanzaki Kaori Maria [Sakagami Tomoyo] [Suzumiya Haruhi]
ARENA 09: Furukawa Nagisa Haibara Ai [Hiiragi Tsukasa] Kamio Misuzu Konjiki no Yami Kotegawa Yui [Senjōgahara Hitagi]
ARENA 10: C.C. [Furude Rika] Hinamori Amu Kinomoto Sakura Nymph Sengoku Nadeko [Suiseiseki]
ARENA 11: Ikaros Kawashima Ami Kuronuma Sawako Lucy Heartfilia Ryūgū Rena [Saber] [Tōsaka Rin]
ARENA 12: [Hirasawa Yui] [Ibuki Fūko] Ichinose Kotomi Kuchiki Rukia Lala Satalin Deviluke Last Order Uiharu Kazari

ISML Preliminary Phase 1, Day 2 Votes

Vote here.

ARENA 01: Erza Scarlet [Hecate] Hyūga Hinata Index L. Prohibitorum [Misaka Mikoto] Suigintō Yūki Mikan

ARENA 02: [Hanekawa Tsubasa] Hoshina Utau Izumi Konata Kushieda Minori [Nagato Yuki] Saten Ruiko Shiina Mafuyu

ARENA 03: Fate Testarossa Kamio Misuzu Kanzaki Kaori [Kotobuki Tsumugi] [Nakano Azusa] Okazaki Ushio Oshino Shinobu

ARENA 04: Alice Haibara Ai [Hiiragi Kagami] [Hinamori Amu] Sakurano Kurimu Shana Shirai Kuroko

ARENA 05: [Aisaka Taiga] [Holo] Kotegawa Yui Kuronuma Sawako Maria Suiseiseki Tainaka Ritsu

ARENA 06: Fujibayashi Kyō Hiiragi Tsukasa Illyasviel von Einzbern Katsura Hinagiku [Kinomoto Sakura] Lala Satalin Deviluke [Ryūgū Rena]

ARENA 07: Astarotte Ygvar [Makise Kurisu] Miki Sayaka Nakagawa Kanon Shiina Mayuri [Shinonome Hakase] Victorique de Blois

ARENA 08: Akaza Akari [Anjō Naruko] Kanzaki H. Aria Kirishima Shōko Kōsaka Kirino Minato Tomoka [Oshimizu Nako]

ARENA 09: Amami Haruka [Dalian] Elucia de Lute Irma Hasegawa Kobato Horizon Ariadust (P-01s) Kuroi Mato [Yarizui Sen]

ARENA 10: Aragaki Ayase [Irisviel von Einzbern] Shiomiya Shiori Ueno Kirika Uryū Minene [Yamada Aoi] Yuzuriha Inori

ARENA 11: Amaha Miu Haruna [Hoshii Miki] [Kaga Rin] Kashiwazaki Sena Laura Bodewig Mine Riko

ARENA 12: [Akemi Homura] Hakamada Hinata Haqua du Lot Herminium [Iwasawa Asami] Nanasaki Ai Sena Airi Toshinō Kyōko

International Saimoe League 2012 Nominations

It’s that time of year again where ISML participants need to start considering the girls they would like to nominate for the 2012 season.  Nomination begins on the 1st of the year, and there are a ton of changes for this year’s nomination phase.  The most notable change is the decision to break the contestants into two divisions: Nova and Stella.  As summarized by KholdStare88, “Nova contains characters, (a) newly aired in the past 2 years, or (b) aired in the past 2 years after taking a long break.  Stella will harbor all other eligible characters, notably characters who made their first appearances over 2 years ago.”  Or, to put it in layman’s terms, veterans and newcomers will be divided into their own categories.  This is the first time that ISML has attempted anything like this, and hopefully it will help filter the contestants into a more even showing.  My main issue with girls in the past was the sheer number of single-anime contestants, such as CLANNAD and K-ON! For full details about the new Charter, please visit the main site!

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Misaka Mikoto = ISML Tiara Material?

I’ve spent a lot of time this year participating in various activities for the International Saimoe League, the least of which was voting.  There was and is always work to be done moderating for the official forums, editing of match previews which are put up three times a week along with the three days of voting, and uploading of MAL member card requests that persist throughout the year.  I also throw in the occasional promotional artwork here and there if asked.  I only shouldered a minimum of the load compared to the rest of the staff, but still, I can’t help but heave a sigh of relief that the bulk of my work for 2011 is done.  But, am I happy with the resulting Tiara win?

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2011 International Saimoe League – Nomination Phase Begins!

Nominations last from tonight, Sunday, February 6th, at midnight GMT until Sunday the 13th at midnight.

For those of you unfamiliar with the International Saimoe League:

The International Saimoe League (ISML) is an organization whose mission includes
1. Increasing exposure of Japanese animation and pop culture to the public,
2. Discovering which anime character is the most moe as decided by majority rule,
3. Maintaining a community and network of anime enthusiasts, and
4. Planning and executing events responsibly, ethically, and efficiently.

ISML hosts an annual tournament that calls on anime fans worldwide to decide which anime girl stands as the most moe of all time. Voting events are held several times a week in a league of round-robin matches that lasts nearly a full year.  (Source)

When nominating, please be sure to avoid naming girls who have already pre-qualified to the preliminary phase.  Have fun!