[12 Days of Anime] Day 11: Akiba Maid War

What is old can be new again, a lesson I’ve learned repeatedly over the years and is once again proven this recent fall season with Akiba Maid War, a single-cours show that combines familiar styles into one hell of a unique premise that will be talked about for years to come. From the initial idea to the execution, to the variety of cast members both regular and passing, to the catchy opening song and the follow up ending, I was surprised over and over again. No other fall anime competed for my attentions as much as this one; no other anime hyped me up only to cast me down as violently.

Every anime fan knows a little bit about maid cafes whether they look for them or not, because countless shows feature them in some shape or form, be it as a setting, costuming, or a theme for the school cultural festival. I’m certain many of us have also seen our fair share of yakuza films both animated and live action. Now combine them both, and you get Akiba Maid War, a bloody offering of smiles, omurice, and sisterhood. Lives actually are at stake—we bear witness to that fact almost every single week. The girls of Oinky Doink Cafe lose friends and rivals in some of the most ridiculous scenarios, some of which could be blamed on their entirely useless manager. I never would have expected to experience the brutal cycle of life in such blatantly ridiculous and comical ways as we do here.

Anime of the year, perhaps?

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