[12 Days of Anime] Day 9: SPY x FAMILY

It is with shock looking over the 2022 season that I realized SPY x FAMILY only began airing this year, with its two seasons spanning across multiple seasons and ending out this fall just as great as when it started in the spring. Back when it first aired, I remember the hype surrounding the anime adaptation, the love manga fans had for this unconventional family and the hope that the transition would treat the material with respect and care. As an anime-only fan, I didn’t have any particular expectations other than my usual for quality writing and characterization. SPY x FAMILY over delivers on the character writing, giving us a large cast of characters who each exhibit their own quirks, both public and private.

As much as I love almost every aspect of this show, I would be remiss to not specifically note my now favorite part: Bond, the family dog. Hinted at the very end of the first season, he made his first real appearance at the start of the second in a glorious entrance arc involving a city-wide terrorist attack and a terrifying moment of bravery from Anya. His supernatural ability to see a short distance into the future pairs beautifully with her telepathy, making for a terrifying and powerful duo.

With the fall season rapidly coming to a close and no resolution in sight for Twilight’s mission, I’m certain we’ve got more in store from this franchise in the future. What I would do for a longer season of 24 episodes rather than these single-cours offerings! Give me more Bond! Give me more Becky and Damian! Give me more Yor!

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