[12 Days of Anime] Day 7: Call of the Night and Creepy Nuts Nights

I can’t think of summer show Call of the Night without hearing Creepy Nuts playing in my brain, accompanying the warm summer night and purple lighting. Achingly atmospheric, this anime worked its way deep into my psyche and almost convinced me of the romanticism of city streets after dark. Main character, vampire Nazua Nanakusa, perfectly conveyed that sense of play and taboo. All together, this 13-episode series presented a complete work of art with the most effortless air of cool possible.

The ending theme, “Yofukashi no Uta,” coupled with the toybox-like scene of Nazuna-zilla destroying a cityscape is one of the most memorable ones of the year, if not my favorite. There’s something so primal and satisfying about watching her wreck havoc, a kind of childish glee we lose upon growing up. It’s a good thing she’s basically immortal, right?

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