[12 Days of Anime] Day 4: Slop Loop Almost Convinced Me to Try Fishing Again

Yet another show from the start of the year in the winter season to make my 12 Days is Slow Loop, a show about a group of friends learning how to fish. This is a prime example of how cute girls doing cute things can make anything interesting–the category is the ultimate form of relaxation that I will continue to love no matter how many iterations we see in the future. Slow Loop‘s all-in approach to sharing its hobby with the audience, as well as the overall focus on family, drew me in despite my initial reservations.

I say “initial” because I grew up with a father who loved fishing. As a result of his obsession, I did way more of the activity than I would have ever chosen to do on my own. Couple that with the fact that I get violently seasick and present suggestions of fishing usually have me spinning on my heel and running the opposite direction. I also explicitly recall ice fishing in the dead of Alaska’s winter huddled around a hole with only an overturned bucket to keep my butt safe from the frozen ground and hating every second of it. Despite all of these memories, Slow Loop nearly convinced me of the joy to be found in fishing. Blame the characters and their sweet personalities, or the gentle humor as they mess up and try again and ultimately snag a bite. It’s like the writer put on the coat of my fishing-obsessed dad with the sole purpose of convincing impressionable young viewers that hey, fishing is fun, actually!

That positivity shines through elsewhere in the story as well, notably in the family formed by two single parents and their daughters. Slow Loop could have easily brushed aside any lingering grief or anger in favor of immediate joy in a perfect union of two halves. Instead, the writing opts to face loss head on, allowing the girls to address their fears and grow stronger together.

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4 thoughts on “[12 Days of Anime] Day 4: Slop Loop Almost Convinced Me to Try Fishing Again

  1. There are a couple of Easter Eggs in Slow Loop. Episode 10 around 18:00 mark quotes the Kessoku Band which we see on-stage at their schools fall festival. Bocchi the Rock returns the quote in Episode 10 when Eliza Shimizu of Sick Hack pulls out her key chain with the two Slow Loop girls Hiyori and Koharu dangles. But strangely, Hiyori covers Koharu!


  2. Also I can identify with your growing up in a fishing family. I also grew up in a fishing family and my grandfather and uncles tried to turn me into a fisherman. Get up at 4:00 am and spend all day in a little fishing boat out on the Pacific Ocean. I would always get sea sick but never once asked to go home. They failed! While I loved being with them, I always thought that fishing was the most boring of activities, but sure loved eating the big salmon they would bring home.


    • I did hear about the Kessoku Band cameo in Slow Loop but have yet to go and rewatch the episode myself to see, so thank you for the information on that. I’ll check it out!

      And YES, I love love love eating seafood, particularly wild Alaska sockeye, but can never work up enjoyment in the actual act of fishing. I’m also very much not a morning person, so waking up so early will never ever appeal.

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