Kaiseki Anime Podcast Episode 108 – The Devil is a Part-Timer! Season 2, featuring guest Hyoton

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  • 01:03 The Devil is a Part-Timer! Season 2
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Marina 0:00
Welcome to Kaiseki Anime, where we air new episodes every other week. “Kaiseki” covers currently airing anime, older series seen recently, and other relevant topics for the season. I’m your host, Marina, of the blog, “Anime B&B,” and with me is my co-host Draggle, of the cleverly titled “Draggle’s Anime Blog.”

Draggle 0:24
This week, we discuss The Devil is a Part-Timer! Season 2 with our special guest Hyoton.

Hyoton 0:57
Well, thank you, Draggle. Thank you, Marina. It’s a pleasure to be back. I’m really looking forward to this. I’m at Hyoton on Twitter. I’m at h-y-o-t-o-n-one. It’s probably the easiest way to reach me.

Draggle 1:12
Thanks for coming back. So we’re very happy to have you because we know you have very strong opinions about The Devil is a Part-Timer! Season 2.

Hyoton 1:21
I’m sure we’re…this was the show everyone was really looking forward to; it’s been quite a long time in the making hasn’t it?

Draggle 1:27
Yeah. You know how Scamp always makes those like fake season preview charts? Where it’s like the shows everyone wants to get a sequel to?

Marina 1:38
What, does he?

Draggle 1:39
Yeah, he makes those quite often.

Marina 1:43

Draggle 1:44
Yeah. And this has been in the the charts like every time he made them for the past 10 years.

Marina 1:50
That’s insane. I guess it has been almost 10 years. 2013 is when the first season came out.

Draggle 1:55

Hyoton 1:56
When you’re shy of the 10 year reunion.

Marina 1:58
So close.

Draggle 1:58
Yeah, it’s been a very anticipated show. And now it’s finally here and no one is watching it except for the fools.

Hyoton 2:08
So for a little explanation of the meaning for Devil’s a Part-timer to me: this was one of the shows that I like actually got really got me really into anime at the time. So I was in school and you know, the essence of season one a lot of the charm you know, kind of the just enough fantasy elements to keep it interesting, but really focused on his Mc…Mao’s McRonald’s career. All that got me so interested. I actually went out and bought the light novels as they came out.

Draggle 2:33
Oh, wow.

Hyoton 2:34
So the show has a lot of personal meaning to me.

Draggle 2:36
Did it make you go to McDonald’s?

Hyoton 2:40
I haven’t been to McDonald’s, per se, in a long tim. I’m more of a Burger King fan.

Draggle 2:44
Okay, so it wasn’t that good.

Hyoton 2:48
It failed at its one job.

Draggle 2:49
Yeah, I think a lot of people like this show. It was like before there were quite so many isekai…I guess this is isekai, like reverse isekai or whatever-

Marina 3:00
Reverse isekai, yeah.

Draggle 3:02
-yeah. But now people like, oh, so many isekai, I can’t stand another one.

Hyoton 3:07
But at the time and even now I think the idea of…it’s called a reverse isekai even though it’s really just another isekai that they have someone from a fantasy universe coming to our universe was a little novel at the time. Certainly with all the “narou” series1 that have been adapted I think it’s still kind of a novel thing to happen.

Draggle 3:23
Right, and the really novel thing is the whole McDonald’s aspect…like-

Marina 3:30
-the study, right say these fantastical very powerful fantastical characters in such regular-Joe jobs.

Draggle 3:36
Exactly. So it was really funny to like see this demon king coming flipping burgers, having his…his top general like get all pissed off about the household budget, and then having Lucifer be like this the neet control his Amazon order addiction. So I, I didn’t like, like the first season quite as much as you but I quite enjoyed it as well. And I was looking forward to this one.

Marina 4:06
Yeah, hearing you talk about it like that is very nostalgic.

Draggle 4:09

Hyoton 4:10
Especially the…the tension between Emi and Mao in the first season, there’s always kind of the palpable sense of is she going to go over the edge or like is now actually sincere, something that you don’t really get as much in the light novel, because you’re in Mao’s head so much, but when you’re looking at him from the outside, you’re trying to you know, you’re trying to balance whether or not he’s really going to take over the world, McRonald’s, or if he’s just kind of enjoying his time in a peaceful Japan, I kind of thought of it is a retired war criminal, you know, goes to a different country. And people…people kind of follow him after that, seeking to kind of resolve their old issues.

Draggle 4:47
Exactly. And with the whole Mao-Emi dynamic, it’s all…it’s like, will they, won’t they…of…will they murder each other or will they get married? You can’t tell which it’s gonna be which makes it very fun to watch. But this latest season has not been fun to watch.

Marina 5:07
I was gonna say as quite a few things have changed in these past nine years since the original series that we all seem to enjoy to some level, right, like the studio has changed. We have new characters, and it to me, it feels like the tone is pretty different now. So let’s go further into that about you know, some of these changes.

Draggle 5:29
I think we have one new character.

Marina 5:33
Alas Ramus, or…?

Draggle 5:33
Character is a bit generous. Yeah.

Marina 5:37

Hyoton 5:38
One main person, it’s kind of..can’t even say it’s a person…one main thing. That’s kind of unfortunate, isn’t it, that this aired right after Spy x Family last season with Anya.

Marina 5:49

Hyoton 5:50
I mean, obviously, this show…the series is much older than Spy Family, but because it took so long to get adapted, the whole cute child who’s a little bit more than what she seems has already been done last season, I guess, cute, comedic character, character seems, is more than what she seems, and Alas, is kind of a lot flatter than Anya. She’s flat on her own. I really hated her. When I said that I got into the light novels after season one, what I realized is that there wasn’t going to be a lot of great material after season one to adapt. It focuses so much on the magic baby and kind of more fancy denizens coming in and kind of crowding out the cast.

Marina 6:35
Okay, so the first season does sort of wrap up everything that was interesting, is what you’re saying?

Hyoton 6:40
Well, like Draggle said, it’s really interesting to see Mao in his mundane job, which kind of has the semblance of order that gives him a solid goal to look forward to. I don’t…I don’t know if taking care of Alas Ramus really adds anything to that. I mean, I guess in theory it could. But all this other stuff he does with Alas Ramus is more rom-comish with Emi. It’s supposed to give them something to work together on but it’s not really clear why, to me, why they’re working together on it. Why does he feel so much attachment to Alas? So much responsibility? And then Emi is even…even more so, why does she care at all? And Alas, herself, her whole shtick is that she asks Mao and Emi, Oh, are you getting…are you getting together? Are you fighting? And she just really has no character of her own.

Draggle 7:28
She really doesn’t. She’s very boring.

Marina 7:31
Well, she’s there as a, you know, personification of the shard. Right? And, and a seemingly what they’re trying to aim for here a very cute package. Right? Like she’s supposed to be funny and cute comic relief.

Draggle 7:47
She’s not funny, or cute.

Marina 7:47
That’s the thing. Yeah. Because there’s already plenty of comic relief with our original, our established, characters, right? I feel like we already sort of have a child in Lucifer to be honest.

Draggle 7:59

Hyoton 7:59
Yeah, exactly.

Marina 8:00
So, Alas Ramus just feels redundant.

Draggle 8:02
They should need to, like get a custody agreement between Mao and Emi to take care of Lucifer.

Marina 8:08
No, no, but here’s the thing–that, that’s what makes sense, right? Like, what does Emi care about Lucifer? But somehow she cares about Alas Ramus? Is it because of the shards, you know, and her holy sword and like there’s that connection there?

Draggle 8:22
I think it’s supposed to be because she’s just a cute baby.

Marina 8:25
A cute kid who calls her mom.

Draggle 8:27
I think so.

Hyoton 8:29
For us, at least, I think that’s the draw that we’re supposed to naturally be appealed to by Alas Ramus’ cuteness and the whole parenting aspect. So in the light novels, I think they do a better job of establishing that Alas has a lot of significance for the fantasy plotline. But honestly, I think in the anime, the fantasy politics have never really come off as really compelling or convincing. They’re just kind of one shot villains: Olba, the angels that pop up, they do their thing and then are driven off, or in that one angel’s case they get really fat and obsessed with Mao’s manager.

Marina 9:08
There was a little bit of further revelation there with the, what’s his name, the bird dude, who comes-

Hyoton 9:14

Marina 9:14
Yeah, yes? What’s his name?

Hyoton 9:18
I think his name is actually Camio, right? C-a-m-i-o.

Marina 9:21

Draggle 9:21
Oh that raven, crow, whatever guy.

Marina 9:24
Whatever…what I originally thought was like a tengu, but bird dude who was like his second in command who took over once Mao left, right?

Draggle 9:32

Marina 9:32
Like that was semi-interesting, I guess, but then he left just as quickly as he arrived. So yeah, I don’t really have any interest in the politics of the previous world.

Draggle 9:44
Yeah, what they need is like the fight that made the first season good: the the funny character interactions. But now they’ve…they’re even at McDonald’s anymore. They close down McDonald’s. They’re going farming for some reason. And Mao is just basically like being a cop for some reason. It makes no sense.

Marina 10:07
Isn’t it funny to see the devil doing good in our human world?

Draggle 10:11

Hyoton 10:12
He does it all the time, too…like originally it would have been ironic in the first season, like oh he’s helping humans, but now that’s all he does. He’s defending the humans; he’s defending Alas Ramus, defending Emi, like-

Draggle 10:24
-he’s basically like a good guy and the angels are devils. They’ve just like switched sides.

Marina 10:30
That’s what they’re doing, right? They’ve been grounding us into this for quite a while now since the start of the second season. I don’t know if they did it much in the first season. I probably should go back and re-watch it to see if I still like it as much as I think I do. But the…you know with them doing more backstory, right, revealing his past–how he was just like a nobody little demon boy– and him rising in power and him wanting to like get something better for the devils and then him like getting to know humans, farming the land that, you know, Emi’s family used to do, is like trying to make him a good guy.

Draggle 11:02

Hyoton 11:03
At the very least misunderstood, yeah.

Draggle 11:07
And that’s so boring. Evil is much more entertaining than good.

Hyoton 11:10
Especially because I think in the first season, the whole conflict is, well Mao’s armies, you know, were conquering the lands and they killed Emilia’s father underfoot and no one really remembered him except for Emilia. And the whole dramatic arc is Emilia, you know, letting Mao know about this, and Mao coming to terms with what his armies did and now that it feels like they’re kind of drawing back on that, you know to try and make him more sympathetic, which I kind of understand in what you want to be a long-running series but I feel really takes away from his appeal, is, you know, the big, scary, evil demon lord.

Marina 11:46
Yeah, can you guys remind me, though, why did he…like they fled to this world, our world…why?

Hyoton 11:53
They were defeated by Emilia and so they jumped through a portal, which was later I think retconned to be part of Lyra’s scheme, and Emilia jumped through as well.

Marina 12:03
Okay, that’s as I remember. So why don’t they go back anytime the chance comes up to go back?

Hyoton 12:10
I think they just lack enough power. Now you might be asking why they didn’t just go with Camio? I don’t know, actually. There is no explanation that I remember from the light novels, even. It just doesn’t happen.

Marina 12:20
There’s a big hole in the sky! They like watch everyone fly away; with their combined efforts they close it, but like why didn’t they also fly through it and close it from the other side?

Draggle 12:30
They have to take care of their daughter.

Marina 12:32
Why can’t they take her with them through the hole in the sky?

Draggle 12:36
Because then his wife would be mad at him, or something.

Marina 12:39
I don’t understand!

Hyoton 12:43
It especially doesn’t make any sense, because the whole point is with the nicer Mao, he really doesn’t want the demons to be conquering the lands or trying to resist the humans or otherwise getting into warfare. But he just doesn’t, there is no explanation. The writing really goes downhill after the first season.

Marina 12:58
Yeah, I find that really confusing. Like their motivations, their goals, and like they’ve brought up in recent episodes how he wants to rule this land now, right, our world, this human world, now he is in awe of everything that humans have done without magic. And it seems like a great place to rule. And I’m just like, is that is that your objective now?

Draggle 13:19
I think he wants to rule by becoming a manager at McDonald’s. Or at least last season something like that was his goal. Now, I don’t know. Now he wants to be a fucking cop.

Hyoton 13:32
That was the benefit of sticking with McRonald’s, right? Like, of course, it was implausible that it would ever happen. But you never know. He might go through the McRonald’s chain and become like an evil CEO. But he’s jumping to the farm. He’s working at the beach. Like what? There’s no coherence. And going back to the whole politics thing for a sec: there were McRonald’s politics, like the whole competing fast food chain with the angel who was trying to kill them. But that’s not enough. You got to have, we got to have the fantasy plotline brought in here with, Oh, there’s the the demons are like doing stuff in other world and I, I just did not…do not care about Ente Isla at all, except in the most like, minor ways.

Draggle 14:15
What a shame. How did it end up like this?

Hyoton 14:18
It really kind of speaks to the author’s priorities, I guess, because the author seems to really want to build on this fantasy aspect in the real world, as opposed to people who just happen to be fantasy characters who are in the real world. And the distinction being the focus is more on the fantasy magic aspects versus the kind of mundane realities that someone powerful would have to go through.

Draggle 14:40
Which is so weird, because no one cares about that. ‘Cept him.

Marina 14:45
Here’s my question, then: okay, like, we’ve sort of talked about how long it’s been, how surprised we were when the sequel was announced, right, because nobody really expected it after years went by. Would we feel differently about the focus in this sequel if it had aired connected to the first season or very shortly after the first season? Would we be okay with the shift in focus now?

Draggle 15:06
I don’t think it’s the shift in focus that’s the problem. It just sucks with the new shift in focus.

Hyoton 15:15
It’s not the kinds of things you wanted to do.

Marina 15:15
My question is assuming…like we had a continual series of, of these seasons. And then we could have thought, oh, maybe there’s gonna be a third season, that’s going to bring us back to what we loved about in the first season after giving us all of this like backstory and more fleshing out of the magical worlds in the second season. And maybe we’d be way more accepting of what we’re getting right now in the hopes for what we might get in the future.

Draggle 15:38
So maybe we could have been tricked into hoping for it to turn around. Maybe.

Hyoton 15:44
Maybe would have seen it more as the logical outgrowth of the story rather than a jarring shift.

Marina 15:49
Okay, yes, that’s a nicer way to say it, right? This just seems like a logical progression of these characters, our understanding of them and their motivations. And then let’s go back to the fun.

Draggle 15:59
I think I still would have been pissed, though.

Hyoton 16:02
The one thing I will say is that if they did that, then I hope they would not have adapted the farm story because the farm story is actually…it’s an anime-only storyline in the sense that it was bonus content in the first season on Blu-ray that was later ported into the light novels and so when I was watching, you know how they added…give those…usually give like bonus material bonus in Blu-rays. Yeah, yeah. Yes. So it was a written, light novel, chapter in the style of a light novel chapter at least, that was packaged with the Blu-rays-

Draggle 16:37

Hyoton 16:38
-and was later rewritten for the light novels.

Draggle 16:40
This farming arc, the Alas Ramus stuff is dumb, but this farming thing seems especially dumb, like that whole bear story. Whatthe fuck was that?

Marina 16:50
You know, it’s funny when that thing first appeared in the background, right, ominously in the background as they were farming, KWoo, when he watched it all, he’s like, oh, it’s like a it’s a boar. I’m like, it’s not a boar. That’s a really shitty-looking bear. They were just talking about bears. He’s like it can’t be a bear; that doesn’t look like a bear. And then lo and behold, it’s a bear. A really ugly one.

Draggle 17:10
And you thought the bear in Golden Kamuy was bad. Now look at this bear!

Marina 17:16
I mean, I really love those tweets, Draggle, that you had about like, hey, it’s a bear! We should like hunker down and be quiet and hide and not make our presence known. It’s just like the complete opposite of any kind of wilderness survival training that we’ve been given.

Draggle 17:32
Yeah, it’s so dumb. And then this next episode, she like wrestles the bear. And then there’s that car, what the fuck.

Hyoton 17:42
So I thought when they met the starving bear at the end of the episode, the whole point was gonna be, oh, no, it’s a starving bear, we’re all scared, but it’s actually just hungry. And so we just need to keep treating with kindness, and maybe give it something to eat and it will go off on its own. But no, just like season two of The Devil is a Part-timer, it was a subversion in that this is actually about destroying this bear’s life.

Marina 18:05
I wonder, did she actually kill it? I know she like…I mean, it looks pretty…it looks pretty bad. She like flips him onto his back. Is he dead?

Draggle 18:13
No, I’m sure it’s fine.

Hyoton 18:16
I assumed it was dead, because Alas Ramus was calling her “The Bear Slayer.” It’s possible it survived because it’s a bear, but…and really that kind of…I think it would make more sense in season one where Emi is still very violent as opposed to kind of the motherly figure in season two who only really fights angels.

Marina 18:34
Well, I think it’s also a testament to how she’s changed because she’s mortified by it right? Like she’s just horrified that people saw her do it and she’s, like, embarrassed by this nickname. And maybe she wouldn’t have felt that way in the first season. But I mean, we’re laughing about it. And we wanted more humor. Is this not the humor that you wanted?

Draggle 18:49
I think we’re laughing at it, not with it.

Hyoton 18:53
Like the cat face she made after she found out like people had seen her do it was like the ugliest cat face I’ve ever seen. I know it was supposed to be funny. But it was, again, it was not funny in the way that I think they meant it to be.

Marina 19:06
Well, a lot of the faces in this season, like we said, it’s a new studio, new people on hand and it’s just, I don’t like how it looks.

Hyoton 19:11
Yeah, they’ve redesigned all of the characters for season two, because of the…I guess the new studio and the new director. And I had heard that it was supposed to make it look more like the light novels, but the light novel designs are really cute. And these designs are not cute at all. As you said they’re really ugly.

Marina 19:28
It’s just there’s something wrong with the proportions of their faces and their eyes. It’s very off-putting to me.

Hyoton 19:34
The eyes are always so bad. There’s always at least something really minor but noticeable and sometimes they’re just completely off. They’re angled wrong. They have weird lashes on them. It’s just a nightmare to look at.

Marina 19:46
Oddly enough I feel like some of the better looking characters are like the baby blob, Alas Ramus. I feel like she looks like a cute baby successfully most of the time.

Hyoton 19:57
And certainly she’s supposed to be very squishy, like a lot of the other people. Chiho in particular I think got a raw deal because the original Chiho is also very cute, very round. And this one just doesn’t look like her at all. I could barely recognize her in the opening.

Draggle 20:13
So Chiho is the one character that I hate in this season, but I also hated her in the first season.

Marina 20:21
Wait, why?

Draggle 20:22
She’s just so boring.

Marina 20:24
Oh, Draggle.

Draggle 20:25
She’s such a nice and sweet girl. It disgusts me.

Marina 20:29
It disgusts you…you know, your dislikes, your disgusts in real life versus in shows just crack me up. Imagine you’re saying this about real people in your life. She’s so nice. She disgusts me.

Hyoton 20:43
She represents the potential of humanity to bond with both the entities ones and the demons, the innate goodness of people in a peaceful world.

Marina 20:52
See, Hyoton gets it.

Draggle 20:53
Yeah, that’s boring. Boring!

Marina 20:57
Well, guess what, [Mao] is getting more and more drawn into it, and he’s now very protective of her and caring for her.

Draggle 21:02
You disappoint me, [Mao].

Hyoton 21:05
The Chiho-Emi fan wars or something of legend.

Marina 21:08
Are they?

Hyoton 21:09
Oh, yeah, people in the light novel side really took sides on it, often very, I guess, verbally, violently, to the point that when it finally ended, and the series is long over, which is another reason it’s strange that we have this adaptation, the author was getting death threats for how he ended it.

Marina 21:25
What?! I did not know that.

Hyoton 21:28
People really have strong feelings on this series.

Draggle 21:31
Well I do, too.

Hyoton 21:31
I guess after 27 volumes-

Draggle 21:33
27 volumes of the shit?!

Hyoton 21:35
-something like that. It went a long time.

Marina 21:38
You gotto read it now, if you haven’t already.

Draggle 21:40
Did you read them all?

Hyoton 21:41
I stopped around volume seven, because I couldn’t take it anymore.

Marina 21:45
Wait, you’ve got 20 more to go, let’s go!

Draggle 21:46
27 volumes? How can you write 27 volumes about this? What volume are we on now, like volume two?

Hyoton 21:56
No, no, I think we I think we covered volumes one and two in the first season and that we should cover like four volumes this season. The pace is really weird.

Draggle 22:03
We covered for volumes this season?

Hyoton 22:07
Something like that, three or four volumes. The first volume would have been that…the new angel, the second volume would have been the beach, third volume is the bonus chapters: the farm, it’s up to you if you consider that a chapter. And then we have to conclude this…this adventure.

Draggle 22:19
How did this these season cover twice as much material as the first season? I don’t get this.

Hyoton 22:25
Yeah, the first season either covered two volumes or three volumes. Whatever the case, we’re doing a lot more this season, a lot more than last season.

Draggle 22:30
‘Cause it seems like absolutely nothing of value happened this season.

Marina 22:33
So what you’re saying is, this is going to be the second season, the hated season, and then we’re gonna get a glorious third season that’ll bring us back to what we loved in the first because we have so much more material to cover.

Hyoton 22:45
Rich with a much better animated world ahead of us.

Draggle 22:48
I think we need like eight more seasons.

Hyoton 22:52
We’ll just just pump this thing out. It’s like Mushoku Tensei.

Draggle 22:57
27…oh my god.

Hyoton 22:58
There’s merely 21 volumes of the light novel, but there is still I think an ongoing manga adaptation. There’s a manga spin off where they’re in high school. There’s a lot of Devil is a Part-Timer.

Draggle 23:08
20 volumes…

Marina 23:09
So, it’s fairly popular. I just wonder why did it take so long to get this sequel? And why did the sequel turn out like this?

Draggle 23:16
I think they made the right decision originally to stop at season one.

Marina 23:21
And you think that they just made this because of like how much-

Draggle 23:23
Money grubbing.

Marina 23:24
-money grubbing…how much material there was and then they, yeah, were money grubbing?

Draggle 23:29
I think so, yeah.

Hyoton 23:30
It’s the endless churn of the anime industry. We got to fill hours on streaming sites somehow. But yes, it is really strange that it looks like this because it’s not like the studio that’s making it has made a lot of really ugly anime, especially recently.

Marina 23:43
Yeah, it baffles me, because you know as much fun as we made of musical Healer Girl, right, we were all like wow, that show sounds and looks great, even though the writing, whatever, and then they had SAO: Gun Gale Online, which I loved. And I mean, Princess Principal. I think we all liked how that looked, right?

Draggle 23:58
Yeah, that was amazing.

Marina 23:59
And Flip Flappers, I mean, what what happened here?

Hyoton 24:02
And at the worst like all these shows have looked passable. And this show really struggles to reach passible; I would say it struggles to reach just merely ugly, most of the times just lip flaps moving, the fight sequences look atrocious, the heads and the eyes are all over the place the opening too I didn’t notice until like I refused to look at it until around the third or fourth episode that Alciel was really off model in one of the shots and this is the opening that’s going to appear every time.

Marina 24:29
Yeah, if anything, usually the opening looks way better, 10 times better than the rest of the show, right?

Draggle 24:34

Hyoton 24:34
perhaps we can chalk part of this up to the directing effort because the directors latest anime was not very good.

Draggle 24:41
What was his latest anime?

Marina 24:43
Are we talking about Daisuke Tsukushi?

Hyoton 24:44
Yeah, so they changed director going from season one to season two and I think the new director’s most notable recent anime was Isekai Cheat Magician?

Draggle 24:52
Oh yeah, that was crap.

Marina 24:52
And there’s like a bunch of OVAs that he, that he has directed, but mostly it’s like episode directing and other shows. I didn’t see Isekai Cheat Magician, so I don’t know anything about it.

Draggle 25:03
It was garbage. I think that even if they fixed all these production issues and it looks amazing, it would still suck.

Marina 25:12
Yeah. I’m just wondering because you said off of the source material, right, and you dropped the source material. Like, what if we had a better director on hand or, you know, someone with better vision? Do you think they could have even saved it?

Hyoton 25:23
I think they could have salvaged the comedic jokes, and played down the overall Ente Isla plotline, because actually, the first season does have some filler episodes that were added, made solely for the anime. And if they slowed down the show and got rid of that, the horrible farming stories, I just did not need to see a man wet himself because he was scared.

Marina 25:46
Demonic-looking Emi.

Hyoton 25:48
And, you know, I really feel that there’s a lot of material to mine in there. It’s just they steadfastly refused to do it. The priorities are just not there. So I think they could salvage some parts, but the Ente Isla fantasy storyline, that’s a really hard sell for me that just goes nowhere really fast. And the characters are not in Ente Isla as far as I read. There’s just really no connection. They’re just getting everything by telephone.

Draggle 26:11
That’s true, actually, cause even in the first season, it’s not like anyone like this show for its plot. It was more about the humor.

Marina 26:20
It was all the McDonald’s stuff and the humor between them. Yeah.

Draggle 26:22

Hyoton 26:23
Yeah. It’s like a character-driven show. You know? You come in, you see the characters, you have a good time. And maybe something happens and it doesn’t.

Draggle 26:30

Hyoton 26:31
Emi yells and threatens him with a knife.

Draggle 26:33
Yeah. So maybe they could have, could have made it good if they focus on that, again.

Hyoton 26:38
Merely adequate, even.

Draggle 26:40
Yeah, but this season is not funny at all.

Marina 26:44
I mean, we’ve got a few more episodes, right? So maybe they can give us hope.

Draggle 26:49
It’s too late. It’s too late.

Hyoton 26:51
I’m thinking about I think what happens next volume and it’s just more fighting to be honest…I’ll just let people know that there’s gonna be more fighting and if anything has been an indication they are going to be poorly animated fights.

Marina 27:03
I am so looking forward to the end.

Hyoton 27:07
So one more thing I will add to is that because of the need to introduce the magic baby Alas Ramus and all of her associated plotline early on, I think Alciel and Chiho, in particular, suffer from it. They don’t really show up a lot compared to Mao, Emi and even Lucifer, and that’s a pity because I enjoyed kind of Chiho mooning over Mao and Alciel also mooning over Mao and there’s…they really have no plotline and go nowhere so far.

Draggle 27:35
I’m fine with Chiho not showing up, but I agree that we need more Alciel.

Marina 27:40
I wanted more Lucifer, more Alciel, even like, you know, Cres, Crestia Bell, the girl with the huge-ass hammer. Yeah, I like her.

Hyoton 27:48
I love her. Favorite character.

Marina 27:50
I do miss those interactions.

Draggle 27:52
I don’t even remember this person. The girl with the huge-ass hammer?

Hyoton 27:55
She got the blue hair!

Marina 27:56
The little girl who’s like, or the younger girl-

Draggle 27:58
Oh, the ninja girl?

Marina 27:59

Hyoton 28:00
Priestess, yes.

Draggle 28:01
Wait, this isn’t the ninja?

Hyoton 28:03

Marina 28:04
She, I guess, is ninja like-

Draggle 28:06
Suzu, Suzuno? I thought I was-

Marina 28:07
Suzuno, yeah.

Draggle 28:09
Wait, her name’s Cres…I thought her name was Suzuno.

Marina 28:13
In the human world.

Hyoton 28:14
In Ente Isla her original name is Crestia Bell. She’s the priestess of whatever religion it is. She has a little hairpiece that turns into a hammer.

Draggle 28:22
Oh, I thought she was from Earth.

Marina 28:24

Draggle 28:24
I see. I’ve forgotten.

Marina 28:25
And it looks like we have a season one rewatch in our future.

Draggle 28:28
I actually just rewatched it like one year ago.

Marina 28:31

Draggle 28:32
I know…

Hyoton 28:33
I see my title of number one or number two Crestia Bell fan is safe from Draggle.

Draggle 28:39
Yeah, you can keep it.

Marina 28:45
Tune in again to Kaiseki Anime Podcast two weeks from now. Please feel free to send us questions or comments on Twitter with #KaisekiAnimePodcast, or on our individual accounts at @draggle_kun and at @animebnb.

Draggle 28:57
Listen and review us on Apple Podcast and Spotify so we can continue to grow and improve. You can also find us on Google Play, and follow Hyoton on Twitter at @Hyoton1. Thanks for listening. See you next time.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

1 From the website Shōsetsuka ni Narō: https://syosetu.com/

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  • “Clover 3” by Vibe Mountain
  • The Devil is a Part-Timer! Season 2 OP: “With” by Minami Kuribayashi
  • “Seasons” by roljui

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