Spring 2022 Bite-Size Menu

There’s a onslaught of anime airing this spring season and I’ve taken the time to try them all. Sounds terrifying, doesn’t it? And while I do have way more on my plate than I can handle, per usual, below I’ve listed the new shows that you should absolutely watch or at the very least try.

Note: sequels have been removed in favor of new works

BIRDIE WING -Golf Girls’ Story-

No other sport makes me switch channels on a television quite like golf, yet here we are with an exception to the rule. Birdie Wing isn’t just about golf and the prestigious people who champion it; this story revolves around forceful Eve and her use of her talents to profit and support her family in need. Forget about careful considerations of weather, distance, or tools. She will power through any obstacle with brute force. I mean this quite literally—Eve can shove a golf ball right through a tree branch and still land her shot. I can’t wait to see her take on the golfing world with her style.

Did I mention that I totally think golf courses should be open to the public outside of tournaments? These huge tracks of land eat into valuable real estate and could benefit all tiers of communities by offering exercise and fun to more than just club members.

(Watch on Crunchyroll)

Dance Dance Danseur

We actually have a couple of unconventional sports anime this season, one of which is Dance Dance Danseur, a story featuring ballet. I haven’t actually seen that many dance anime though I am aware of classics like Princess Tutu (yes yes, I do plan to watch it someday). Part of what makes DDD so promising is its main character Junpei, a boy who aspired to ballet as a child but due to family tragedy shelves his love of dance in favor of more a “manly” and supportive career path.

I’m not the most knowledgeable when it comes to ballet, not that that matters at all for enjoying a sports anime, but I do have enough of a background to feel a personal connection. My mom threw me into the art as a child and I practiced for a handful of years before rebellion struck, and I distinctly remember getting paired with the only boy in our class for a performance. The other girls giggled at my “misfortune”—not only was he a boy of all things, but he was also a foster kid and one of the only black kids in our small town. Kids can really be cruel, can’t they? Despite all of this unfair ridicule, he never took it out on me, and we danced just fine at the performance. I think he truly enjoyed the challenge, as much as kids can at that age.

I want to see Junpei let go of any perceived expectations and actively pursue ballet. He already has a family who obviously wants him to do just that. I’m excited to see where we’ll go from here and hope we’ll watch some truly inspiring performances in the weeks ahead.

(Watch on Crunchyroll)

Deaimon: Recipe for Happiness

How can you say no to a title like this? I’ve always been a sucker for a good healing anime, particularly ones that heavily feature food. Set in a traditional Japanese sweets shop, Deaimon follows a young man on his return from exciting city life back to the family-run, small town store. There he not only reapplies himself to the family trade, but he also encounters a new member of staff, 10-year-old Itsuka—this same girl mistook him for her absent father the first time they met.

If, like me, you’re concerned about a possible Usagi Drop future, then I encourage you to let go of those worries and try to enjoy this gem of a journey for what it has to offer right now—sweets, redefining and treasuring family, chasing your dreams. For my part, I’ll try to make sure to watch this only after I’ve already eaten a full meal because I can’t help but drool over every single dango they show on screen.

(Watch on Crunchyroll)

I’m Quitting Heroing

Some of my favorite hero-type shows have nothing at all to do with the hero vanquishing the enemy or saving the the world for destruction. I tend to prefer those heroes who retire early in the country and just enjoy life for the little things. I’m Quitting Heroing initially gave me that vibe from its title, but decides on a different kind of twist: how about the hero switching sides and working for the Demon Queen instead?

The reasoning for Hero Leo’s banishment is actually one we’ve seen before in other shows, but this is the first time I recall them actually switching allegiance. It makes sense that any person powerful enough to easily defeat enemies supposedly capable of destroying the world would also have the ability to overthrow his or her ruling nation. Actively losing faith in their loyalty without evidence, however, is a pretty shitty reaction. I can’t blame Leo for resenting the humans. His comedic efforts to apply for a position within the demon realm’s forces has me looking forward to future confrontations with former and new allies alike.

(Watch on HiDive)


If you’re not watching SPY x FAMILY, you’re actively griefing yourself this spring season, because it will likely be the anime of the season, one that everyone else around you will be talking about and there you’ll be, unable to join in on the very justified hype.

Strong opening statement aside, I walked into this comedic action with very little background information other than what I saw in the trailer. S x F manga readers were also very vocal about their excitement, and this was the only show I saw on Twitter with an hourly countdown to its release.

I’m a sucker for action comedies of this nature. Consider works like The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Kingsman, and Inglorious Bastards my supercharged candy. These stories succeed with their memorable characters, and from what I’ve seen so far, the cast of S x F has already charmed me, particularly little Anya, esper-extraordinaire. This unconventional “family” promises to entertain me every Saturday, and I sincerely hope you’re right there with me.

(Watch on Crunchyroll and Netflix)

Summer Time Rendering

I wish I could encourage viewers to immediately pick up Summer Time Rendering, but we’ll all have to be patient and wait for its full release on Disney+ Japan long after all the episodes finish airing. This Netflix treatment means much of the show’s possible hype will be lost–anime fans are notorious for moving on quickly from one season to the next without looking back. I really wish Netflix and Disney+ would realize this and stop adhering to the their normal release cadence.

But back to the actual show! STR looks to be a fantastic addition to supernatural murder mysteries like When They Cry (Higurashi no naku koro ni), blending a seemingly safe setting with superstitions and inexplicable deaths. Due to the nature of the local myths, you’ll find yourself doubting neighbors, friends, and families, but because of the environment you’ll also enjoy any moments of comedic reprieve. I could do without the boob crashing and panty flashes, though. Give me more crying cicada and echoing gongs!

(Watch on Disney+)

The Executioner and Her Way of Life

I’m actually conflicted about including The Executioner and Her Way of Life on this list of must-see but given my strong reaction to its pilot episode and main character, I figured it’d be equally a shame for anime fans to not familiarize themselves with it as the previous entry. I’m hesitant to spoil the part of the opening episode that shocked me, but also think it’s kind of funny I was so surprised given the title of this anime. There’s a bit of a bait and switch thing going on here, because the title obviously indicates a female executioner as the main character. However, we start out with a young man newly summoned to this fantastical world, and I naturally slipped into his protagonist POV.

Any more than this description will ruin the surprise so I’ll leave you with this and state that anyone who considers themselves “pure, just, and strong” is probably deluded and in desperate need of more healthy relationships.

(Watch on HiDive)

Ya Boy Kongming!

“Indeed, I am Zhuge Liang, courtesy name Kongming.”

"Kongming Descends Upon Shibuya"

Who knew to achieve world peace all you’d need is one special singer and a master strategist? This reverse isekai transports renown Three Kingdoms statesman Zhuge Liang to modern Japan for a zero-to-hero scenario featuring fledgling singer Eiko Tsukimi. Frequently mistaken for a diehard cosplayer, Kongming applies his varied skillset to help Eiko spread her music to the masses.

I honestly walked into this show skeptical of its premise and success, relating to some of the anime’s characters who doubted Kongming on authenticity and capability. Thankfully, Ya Boy Kongming! proved me completely wrong. How can you say no to a witty master manipulator and a singer who cheerfully bares her soul for love of music? Their combination promises to create a stylish whirlwind through Tokyo’s music scene and, hopefully, the world.

(Watch on HiDive and Disney+)

Let me know what you think about my choices, and if you’re watching any other shows I haven’t mentioned!

4 thoughts on “Spring 2022 Bite-Size Menu

  1. I really lost my motivation to continue with Birdie Wing after the first episode, and their much too fast and loose approach with the physics of golf. (and I think most golf courses are open to the public to play golf, but are very pricey to play, which is one of the reasons I’ve recently gotten into disc golf. And unfortunately, there’s not much that’s compatible to use the space at the same time as people playing ball golf).

    And SpyxFamily is totally charming. About the only thing more I could ask of it is that Loid / Twilight becomes as captivating a character as Anya and Yor are through the first two episodes.

    I’m giving Kongming a chance based on your recommendation here. The only other show that I think would be in the class of most of these shows is Healer Girl, which I’ve found really engaging. I also am really enjoying Love After World Domination, but I don’t know that it’s a must-watch. Really a lot of fun, and very authentic with a story to tell, but not a must-watch.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I have to admit my opinion of golf is colored with views from Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History podcast where he discusses golf courses, so I’m glad to hear that you are familiar with plenty of public and affordable options for the sport. I am still grateful that Birdie goes casual, but I can definitely see why you’d prefer more detail in a different kind of show.

      I really hope you enjoy Kongming when you try it! Let me know what you think! Healer Girl I am enjoying still, although I hesitate to recommend it because I do get some cultish alternative medicine vibes from it even though I’m pretty sure that’s not the story it’s telling at all. I love the musical aspect side of it but wish they’d maybe leave the togas behind. Love After World Domination is also a lot of fun and I do plan to keep up with it over the season. The premise is simple and easy to follow, but that’s what I’d expect from a story of this nature.

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  2. Hey thanks for the heads up about what to watch this season. There have been so many anime and manga/manhwa coming out this month that I’ve been a little lost as to where to start. Lol, I’m way behind everyone else! Thanks for the help!

    Liked by 2 people

    • You’re very welcome! I’m glad my quick overview of must-watch shows helped–I realized there were just way too many shows this season to go over every single one of them when there were really only a handful I thought might be a good start for others. Have fun!

      Liked by 1 person

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