takt op.Destiny Season Wrap

Once again, we have a show from the fall 2021 season that I was loathe to talk about given the sour taste that filled my mouth with the final episode and the massive disappointment I felt overall towards a show that had one of the more fun openings of the season. Where did it all go wrong?

I’ll say it again: takt.op had one of the prettiest and most playful first episodes of the fall. The character designs, music aesthetic, and combat animation harmonized together to create this very exciting symphony of media I really wanted to look forward to for the following weeks. Even a few episodes after, I was still on a high from the pilot and rested easy with the episodic nature of their journey across the country. But as the month ended and a new one began, I started to realize that what I loved in the first episode was a dream, a fleeting melody you try to remember, but never quite catch the title of.

I’ve talked plenty of times in the past about my music background and listed off some of my favorite anime series as including Nodame Cantabile. I had this idea of takt.op as another music entry I would love in a different way, one that straddled classical music, action, and science fiction reminiscent of other loves like Macross Frontier. That was certainly the way the story was presented at the start. This post-apocalyptic world overrun with monsters attracted to human-made noise, particularly music, reminded me of the American horror film A Quiet Place. Takt, a young pianist and the son of a renown conductor, takes the helm as a “Conductor”—his partner, a friend turned battle-obsessed “Musicart”. Together, they form a team made to defeat the aliens that still ravage the land. The first episode leapt straight into the action with little backstory, but it wasn’t really needed due to the characters and setting that told the story instead of some unknown narrator babbling the information into our ears.

Here is also where my misunderstanding started. Because our main character comes from a real music background and classics like Beethoven played during their battles, I assumed that actual music sounded to the baton twirling and the Musicart’s attacks—later characters and fights made me reconsider. While some of them do share a history in the music world, some higher up in the Symphony (the organization responsible for creating Conductors and Musicarts) show no such background. Their battles lack conducting much less any audible music. This interesting world faded and became just another monster and battle anime whose messy ending I didn’t care about.

I cannot in good conscience recommend this show to anyone since it failed my initial expectations and turned into an advertisement for a related mobile game to be released later this year. I can still remember sitting on the couch after the final episode concluded wondering what the hell happened and why I had wasted my time to get this kind of ending. Don’t be me.

Rating: 0 dango

*Rating system:

  • 0 dango – average and forgettable.
  • 1 dango – very good in its category.
  • 2 dango – excellent show that is worth a try.
  • 3 dango – exceptional show one must watch.

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