My Senpai is Annoying Season Wrap

Don’t listen to what the title sounds like; My Senpai is Annoying turned out to be one of the best romances of the fall season.

Think less “annoying” and more “endearing” when it comes to this anime. My Senpai is Annoying is a workplace romantic comedy overflowing with misunderstandings and bumbling displays of affection. The story arcs are episodic in nature, with a slow and steady growth in closeness and (sometimes) understanding. There is also more than just the main couple; we are gifted with a secondary romance equal in importance. It never feels like one couple is too much of a distraction from the other, though that isn’t to say that there aren’t characters or tropes I wish received less focus.

One such unpalatable office worker is Hijikata. He is the stereotypical colleague lacking social boundaries and pushing his desires on others without their consent. His repeated advances on Sakurai never progress beyond failed invites and as such cannot be defined as harassment. There is also never a clear rejection on Sakurai’s part, which may leave her intentions unknown to denser individuals. I just wish the show desisted in using Hijikata and Sakurai’s failed interactions as comic relief since it became tiring after just a couple uses.

Another aspect I could have gone without–and this is true in almost all forms of media–was the persistent use of boob jokes. Obviously Futaba being tiny for her age and liking someone extremely large makes for easy pickings. It makes sense that she’d feel self conscious about the size difference, especially since her closest friends are so large in comparison. However, and I do stress the however, I believe in less being more–as in, make these kinds of jokes sparingly instead of bringing it up multiples times over the course of a single cours show.

One exception to this topic is in Sakurai and Kazama’s relationship. Given their reluctance to publicly share their feelings for one another, and their general shyness even when alone, it almost always felt silly when Sakurai would notice him checking her out then tease him about it. Their back-and-forth came across as sweet in its realism.

As basic as a workplace romance for a setting may seem, their numbers pale in comparison to the amount of high school-based narratives. Even if we do get a more mature scenario there’s no guarantee it will be a winner–take for instance another show this season, GANBARE DOUKICHAN, which lost me on its first episode with a character repeatedly trying to trap another into a sexual relationship. No. My Senpai is Annoying strikes a wonderful balance between workplace professionalism and chemistry. We see Futaba out there on her own trying to not only survive, but also succeed, as well as make meaningful human connections.

Rating: 1 dango

*Rating system:

  • 0 dango – average and forgettable.
  • 1 dango – very good in its category.
  • 2 dango – excellent show that is worth a try.
  • 3 dango – exceptional show one must watch.

3 thoughts on “My Senpai is Annoying Season Wrap

  1. I enjoyed this show so much. I really liked the community of friends that they ended up with, and liked that nobody in the group was oblivious to their attraction to their opposite number. I personally wished for Sakurai to be a little more forthcoming in making it clear to Kazama how she felt about him (although she did end up being about as clear as she could be that she wanted to spend time with just him), but I do like that Kazama gave her space.

    I also liked that Futaba was able to be herself and like cute things and still insist on others treating her as an adult, and that she always interacted with others as adults. And Takeda respects her as a co-worker and as an adult. For the most part, the whole show is just good people being good people. Just the kind of show I really like.

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    • It was such a pleasant surprise after enduring the other shows of a similar genre that same season (Douki-chan)! The social awareness between the different characters really is awesome; I feel like we rarely see that in other works since ignorance is such an easy tool for conflict and comedy. I agree that it’d be great if Sakurai just came out and explicitly stated her feelings, but Kazama could as well. I’m not sure I remember either of them really stating their feelings to the other.


      • Douki-chan was one I didn’t even finish the first episode of. It was not endearing in the least, it was just sexual harassment presented approvingly as dating strategy. Awful. And honestly, I have nothing good to say about anyone who thinks it is endearing or worthwhile.

        I agree that Kazama also had latitude to come out and say how he felt about Sakurai, but I think he also was trying to reinforce the significant difference between him and proposition-everyone-in-range Hijikata by keeping (well) within the boundaries he perceives from her. Plus, he might feel like he’s already going too far being caught staring at her so much.

        The one thing that I really didn’t quite get with the show was Mona. Given that her character participated in singing the OP (along with Futaba, Sakurai, and Natsumi), I thought she’d be a more central character in the show, and I kept waiting for that to happen, but all she really ever did was pop up completely randomly being completely random, and not frequently enough to have a pattern except being weird.

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