[12 Days of Anime] Day 8: WONDER EGG PRIORITY & The Promised Neverland Season 2

Keep on dreaming, dreamers ;_;

Now that we’ve gone through a few days of some of my favorites from the past year, I figured why not slap down a couple of memorable shows that served as my biggest disappointments? Because like it or not, it’s often the negative more than the positive that sticks in people’s minds, and these two are no exception. 

WONDER EGG PRIORITY’s pilot episode generated extreme hype on its arrival, with some members hailing the show anime of the year with its beautiful art direction, intriguing narrative, and writing. And I was definitely on that boat, or perhaps it would be better to say on the docks, because as interested as I was in the series, I did not love it on first sight like many others. Ai’s personality put me off, and as a result I had a harder time connecting with her story. As hesitant as I was to consider this AOTY, I still knew I was watching special, an anime that would likely take multiple rewatches to even being to wrap my head around everything the creator wanted us to see. Yet as the weeks went by and we met new characters with their own agendas, it felt like an encroaching storm of plot lines–some of them were interesting, some fleshed out previous material, but many of them felt tossed in without any hope for explanation or completion. By the time the last episode aired, I realized not only would I walk away regretting this show’s wasted potential, but I would also avoid any follow ups, including the special that aired later this year.

Prayers won’t help you fix this.

Somehow within this same year, and even the same season, we received another show memorable not for how good it was, but how disappointed I felt through its entire schedule through to the end. The Promised Neverland’s first season wasn’t a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination, but it did entertain and had its emotional highs and lows. Enough groundwork was laid to promise a similarly interesting sequel. However, instead of a follow through on the threads of the previous season, we ended up taking what felt like new routes I neither expected nor desired. While I at least never felt bored throughout the series, I ended up stumbling at the speed with which we hurdled from one arc to the next. By the time we received the ending that we did, I was almost too fed up to care. But hey, at least we’ve basically been promised no further continuations will follow?


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