[12 Days of Anime] Day 10: Laid-Back Camp Season 2

You can do it, Nadeshiko!

What a surprise, Marina including Laid-Back Camp’s second season in her yearly holiday list! If you’ve known me at all over the past several years, there was no doubt that this gem of a show would be included, if not for content, at least for its cozy vibes keeping me warm on those cold nights.

There’s a simple yet powerful formula at work here that makes this show work for me time and again no matter if we’re in a first season, a sequel, or a spin-off short. Combining cute, yet memorable, characters with the best winter fashion, scenic viewpoints from daylight to starlight, and campfire meals, Laid-Back Camp gives you exactly what you came for–all without feeling stale.

While the first season focused on introducing us to camping along with Nadeshiko, this sequel steps away from the established groups to side characters and solo experiences. We get to know Rin’s family, see through Nadeshiko’s older sister’s eyes, and push ourselves to challenge our camping knowledge. What do you do if certain supplies are lacking, or if you lose communication with the outside world? At what point does that sense of adventure turn out to be unprepared haste? As fun as exploring the outdoors sounds, we’re reminded of the precautions needed to succeed, as well as the importance of the human connection, no matter how brief.

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