Kaiseki Anime Podcast – Episode 004

This week we have something a little special for you: a double feature reviewing the winter season as well as previewing the new spring anime. This means double the duration. Don’t worry; we won’t make a habit of it!

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:42 Winter 2018 Review
  • 14:36 Spring 2018 Preview
  • 46:05 Outro

Come and hear what shows we’re liking and looking forward to with the new season. We’d also love to know the picks at the top of your list!

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11 thoughts on “Kaiseki Anime Podcast – Episode 004

  1. Man, Draggle, I don’t think you could have mischaracterized 3D Kanojo any more if you’d said it was a space-mecha-murder show. So far I think it’s a great romance show. I don’t think there’s anything like what you were saying about people judging their own self-worth. It’s a show about a guy who is an otaku and has been looked down on because of other people wanting a reason to look down on him, and a girl who has an unearned slut reputation (again probably because of other people wanting to look down on her), and they are both looking past their own ideas of the other person’s reputation, and their own stereotypes of other people and falling in love. So far I’ve thought that it’s really touching and authentic, about people trying to figure out other people, and seeing the real person, not the preconceived notion. I also think it’s a lot less shoujo romance and more straight-up romance, since it doesn’t have a typical shoujo lead’s indecision. And I would totally recommend it.


    • Maybe I am just more cynical than you. I saw it as them hooking up not because they see anything deep about each other, but because they think if they have a significant other they’ll be accepted by the people currently looking down on them. I do like how it dispenses of the indecisiveness. Though I suspect they’ll have some doubts about the relationship later on.


      • I really think that view is specifically contradicted by the actions in the show, even the first episode since I’m guessing you didn’t watch more. 🙂 If Tsutsui had been interested in just getting a girlfriend to change his image, why would he have turned Iroha down when she asked him to go out? But also, I thought the show was pretty clear that the reasons that Tsutsui was both avoiding Iroha and ended up asking her out is because he was very interested in her specifically, and that was fighting his own worries that “someone like him” wasn’t allowed to be in love with anyone. And I really don’t think Iroha would have been trying to rehabilitate her own reputation to other people by choosing to go out with a guy who is even more marginalized in the class than she is.

        And they certainly do have doubts, but so far the show is handling it pretty well, although we don’t see Iroha’s doubts as clearly as Tsutsui’s, since he’s the point of view character. But it certainly seems like they are both putting effort into the relationship, both in ways that come naturally and in ways that are out of their comfort zone.

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  2. The shows I’m liking the most so far are 3D Kanojo, Wotakoi, Tada-kun, Uma Musume, and Hisone and Maso-tan (the show with the girl and the moe dragon).

    I like a lot of the concept of Uma Musume, and then learning that all of the characters in it are actual Japanese race horses was kind of fun (and the characters are inspired by the actual horses, like with their hair color (like the real Special Week was chestnut with a white blaze), their accessories and clothes (Silence Suzuka wore a green mask and ear covers, Special Week wore purple silks), and their reputation (Symboli Rudolf actually was a Japanese Triple Crown winner). So far it’s been really good, especially as a mobage adaptation, and I think PA Works (one of my favorite studios anyway) is doing a great job with it. I kind of wish they’d explain some things more, but then I hope they just let things go.

    Wotakoi is looking like a great adult romance / comedy show. Plus it’s got a great OP coreography sequence. Good characters, and so far it’s doing well with the ‘adults who are otaku’ honne / tatamae thing.

    Tada-kun is one of those that’s pretty good, but has things that just bug me a little bit. One, if they’re westerners, why do they say their names with a Japanese accent? And it really feels like a show that’s just not going to get anywhere.

    And Hisone to Maso-tan is totally a sleeper with a super-deep staff contributing: Mari Okada’s Series comp., Shuji Kawamori’s mechanical design, Yuuji Kaneko’s art direction, and even direction by Shinji Higuchi, one of the founders of Gainax. And the first episode was really a delight.


    • I was equally surprised and delighted to hear that all the horse names in Umamusume are real! I don’t want to look into their history or anything and get spoiled for potential plot points in the anime, but it’ll be fun after the anime finished to do some timeline comparisons. P.A. Works is making the show look great visually as well. I’m only at episode 1 so haven’t seen how much they develop the world, so hopefully they improve on that.

      I just saw the first episode of WotaKoi today, and love it! I’ll have to go back and re-watch the OP. The characters remind me so much of my first year in Seattle as an office worker. I had a similar aversion to sharing my anime hobbies, but my bosses pulled that out of me within my actual interview so it wasn’t a complete secret.

      Tada-kun is another show I’ll have to pay attention to again since I didn’t notice the whole Westerners with a Japanese accent thing. Again, only seen the first episode, but I was under the impression that her family has some connection to Japan given her bodyguard’s reaction to the photo in the restaurant. That, or they’re die-hard anime fans who like to say their names Japanese-style?

      And thanks for the name on the dragon anime Draggle mentioned! I really had no idea what he was talking about, and I also overlooked that title, so I’ll check it out. The synopsis sounds pretty interesting, and the art looks nice as well.


  3. I think the best (brand new) show of the spring season is Hisone to Maso-tan, and by a long shot at that. I’m also really happy to have Amanchu! back for a second season. Otherwise, I’m also quite enjoying Wotakoi, Fumikiri Jikan, Golden Kamuy, and Lupin III: Part V.


    • I just watched the first episode, and it’s so charming! I love the protagonist, and the whole premise to the dragon and its transformation. I’m also watching the others you listed except for Fumikiri Jikan whose humor I just couldn’t get into. Granted, I only watched one episode.


      • I was unfortunately far less impressed with the second episode of Fumikiri Jikan, so looks like you made a good choice to drop it. Ah well, can’t win ’em all.


          • I think Fumikiri Jikan is going to be one of those shows that if you like seeing a very short window into random people’s lives, then you’re going to enjoy it. If you’re going for a normal story, it’s not that. I thought the second episode was fine, not as good as the first, but not terrible.

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