Spring Update: We’re in Japan!

I’ve been in Japan for the past week, and have one more to go before flying home. This will be the first year since I moved to Seattle five years ago that I will not be attending Sakura-Con. I think the trade-off is worth it!

We began our journey in Kyoto, then later moved on to the citrus-growing countryside of Wakayama. As I write this, we are now on the bullet train heading towards Hakone, where we will spend one night before finishing our trip in Tokyo.

You can look forward to a more thorough report of our trip, as well as my Winter 2018 season review and Spring 2018 set menu once I return home. Until then, please listen to episode two of the Kaiseki Anime Podcast if you haven’t already (episode three coming soon!).

Happy Spring!

4 thoughts on “Spring Update: We’re in Japan!

  1. Great timing for the sakura! Ironically I’m currently outside of Japan – although according to the forecast, I should be back right on time for full bloom in my home prefecture, as it’s a bit colder there than in Kyoto despite being so close geographically.

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    • I agree! I really couldn’t have timed our trip with the blooming any better. I believe Kyoto bloomed behind Tokyo, so I wish I could have gone back to Kyoto in the end. Oh well! Give us incentive to go back again in the spring some day. First, fall or winter! Enjoy the sakura if you can 🙂


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