Kaiseki Anime Podcast – Episode 002

This week on Kaiseki Anime Podcast, we talk about the brats of the Winter 2018 season, beginning with Mitsuboshi Colors and moving on to Skilled-Teaser Takagi-san. Be it the open spaces of Ueno Park or the middle school classroom, no place is safe from their non-stop antics.

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:36 Mitsuboshi Colors
  • 10:12 Skilled Teaser Takagi-san
  • 18:05 Outro

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9 thoughts on “Kaiseki Anime Podcast – Episode 002

  1. Saito obviously doesn’t have children, or has had older sisters bully him, and he isn’t over it yet. If he did have children, or was over his sibling’s bullying, he would know to exhibit more patience than he does. The other adults do that, and Colors pretty much don’t really bother them all that much. They know Saito is their power point, they know he’s good for a laugh, where the other adults aren’t.


    • That’s a great point of observation! You must be correct, since Saito reacts far too quickly to the kids given his supposed maturity and position as a police officer. It’s funny you say he might have had older siblings as opposed to being an old child (which I am).


  2. Takagi and her daughter are worth thier weight in gold! And yes, I hope there are a series of shorts for the spin off manga.


  3. This was a fun episode to listen to! I actually wish it had been maybe… 10 minutes longer 😛 I feel like you guys improved as well, in terms of your ease in front of the microphone and the back and forth between you two. Looking forward to the next installation!

    One quick comment about how Ueno is portrayed in Mitsuboshi Colors: Yes, Ueno is a very busy, well trafficked area in Tokyo with plenty of tourist spots and a lot of locals working/living around there… but, when I was living in Tokyo, I was always surprised how quickly the crowded city streets turned into quiet little neighborhoods in as little as 1 or 2 blocks off the main street or from the train station! Ueno is the same. It’s really hectic around the station, park, etc., but (for example) if you just walk north of the park you end up in Yanaka, a historical district in the middle of Tokyo that escaped WWII bombing and then subsequent urban planning efforts. It’s a quaint area that takes you back in time and is full of old timey shops, a huge cemetery, and many old houses. There’s also a lovely sculpture museum near Nippori which has a great roof view of the surrounding area… But I digress 😀

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    • I’m so glad you took the time to listen to it, and that you enjoyed! I hope every episode will be an improvement in sound quality, editing, and overall flow of discussion. It definitely takes practice. Maybe one day we’ll do an episode on anime food and if you’re interested we can guest host you!

      What you said about Ueno I’ve heard about a lot of the busy areas in Tokyo. You just need to walk away a couple of streets and suddenly the crowds are gone and you can explore at your leisure. We’ll be taking advantage of that since we do get tired of crowds. Thanks for the tips on Yanaka and Nippori!


  4. The humor, stories and characters of Mitsuboshi Colors just works for me, and has from the get go … and I am fine with its full length. For me it totally works, and the OP might be one of the most fitting reflections of the episode’s contents I have seen done in some time. ^^

    Guess I could see Takagi-san working as a short of 12 minutes, but I am okay with it being full length as well. Can definitely understand how some might think it is too much, though…. Am okay with the work of both the main characters VAs as well!

    Am a reader of both series before their respective animes aired (and also follow the Takagi-san spinoff Draggle mentioned), and thought both adaptations were spot on. I do think that they are more “acquired tastes”, though, and a humor that is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea.

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    • I suppose I only feel like Takagi would work best as a short since the humor feels so repetitive. I really, really hope they do animate the sequel series! I would love to see them both as adults, as well as see what kind of child they raised.

      I love, love the OP of Mitsuboshi Colors. It gets stuck in my head from time to time and I find myself humming the beginning.


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