Now Announcing: Kaiseki Anime Podcast

I, along with Draggle of Draggle’s Anime Blog, recorded the first podcast in what will hopefully be a fun addition to the anime podcast community. We hope you will take a half hour out of your day once every two weeks to listen to Kaiseki Anime: our thoughts on currently airing anime, as well as the occasional review of older series.

This week, we discuss two of our favorites of the Winter 2018 season—Laid-Back Camp and A Place Further than the Universe. I made sure to also educate Draggle on the finer points of Hakumei and Mikochi, a show surely worth more of his time than Killing Bites. Let us know what you think of these shows on our blogs, or through Twitter!

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:24 Laid-Back Camp
  • 14:44 A Place Further than the Universe
  • 23:37 Hakumei and Mikochi
  • 26:08 Killing Bites
  • 30:58 Outro

2 thoughts on “Now Announcing: Kaiseki Anime Podcast

  1. Great Job, both of you! These are my three favorite shows this season. You’re next podcast should be: How I learned to stop worrying and Hate the FRANXX


    • Thank you! I’m assuming by three you’re excluding Killing Bites (I know I do), as the other three are far more similar in quality and style.

      I’ll take your suggestion into consideration :p the next episode will actually be on children, specifically Mitsuboshi Colors. I’m not sure whether to pair another show into that discussion, or if Colors can fill a half hour all on their own.


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