December Brings Marina Back to You (with Plans)

Hey there, December, and everything you bring each year! This month means snow, decorations, and lots of blogging—12 Days of Anime and Anime Secret Santa, to be exact. I’ll be jumping head first into both and hopefully make it out in one piece by the time Christmas Day dawns.

12 Days of Anime

Starting on the 14th of December and counting the twelve days to Christmas, I’ll be releasing a blog post once a day describing the moments in anime that impacted me the most this past year. I’ll be including plenty of new shows, as well as a good handful of older ones. I hope you’ll look forward to the event and share your own favorites of 2017.

Anime Secret Santa

I have a love, hate relationship with Anime Secret Santa, one where I always want to participate but frequently forget to sign up before the deadline. Thankfully, I made it this year and am excited to start watching the suggestion given to me.  If all goes as planned, I’ll be posting my review of at least one of the options on Christmas Eve. In past years, I’ve even watched all three, so I’m not discounting that possibility.

Anime Secret Santa is pretty spectacular because it involves a mystery person going over your anime list and suggesting a film or a <26-episode anime he or she thinks you will like. I received excellent choices this year, and I’m already set on the one I’ll be watching first.

If you, too, would like to go over everything I’ve seen (and dropped), please feel free to check out MAL and let me know here!

Here’s to making it to the end ><

3 thoughts on “December Brings Marina Back to You (with Plans)

  1. I have not participated in anime secret santa since a couple years ago because the person I had to suggest something for whined about my suggestions, and cast aspersions upon my selection process, which really annoyed me. And I realized that too often, I run into the sh**post, hate-everything side of anime commentary when I participate, and I just don’t need that. This particular person was someone who had watched something like 90% of the shows that I had watched, so while there was a lot of commonality in what we’d liked, there was pretty much zero opportunity for exposure to something new that they’d like.

    So like I said, I’ve abstained the last couple years, because it honestly made me pretty upset to hear someone say that I hadn’t even tried. Which is a little disappointing, because I like being exposed to new stuff.

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    • That’s really a shame that such a negative response had to happen to you and spoil the joy of this event. People like that just ruin the whole point of these activities. It’s easy for me to say that I’d try to not let someone like that prevent me from participating, but I know it’s a lot different going through something like that yourself.
      Just an idea, but if you like the whole suggestion thing, then maybe with a small group of people you know will respect one another you can do a not-Secret Santa?

      Also, will you be doing 12 Days?


      • Heh, one of the shows I had for Secret Santa was Macross Frontier, which was suggested by one of my co-bloggers at Metanorn (I think he had also suggested Arakawa Under the Bridge).

        12 Days posts haven’t ever really been my thing, and I’ve been a bit busy with some other stuff lately, so no on that. But I’m looking forward to your posts. 🙂

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