Celebrating my 1st Wedding Anniversary with Tsuredure Children

One year ago today, I said “I do” to my husband, and promised to share with him a future filled with all its ups and downs. We referenced our hobbies and quirks in our vows, agreeing to compromise as necessary and always communicate. Looking back on our time together before and after marriage, I can happily say that we’re as strong as ever.

So much of what makes every day interesting is a summation of several little things that would normally be too mundane to stand out on their own. Take for example the fact that he brews coffee for us every morning, and that I try to time dinner with his arrival home from work. I could just as easily make the coffee, but he takes into consideration that he always wakes up first. He wouldn’t mind making dinner, but I like to cook. These normal, even boring, details mean a lot to us both and are nothing like the tumultuous romances I imagined when I was younger.

This season’s show, Tsuredure Children (or Tsurezure Children), picks up on the types of romantic scenes that skyrocket ratings: the moment when you realize you’re in love, the confession, the firsts that fill every relationship. Usually these scenes are bookended with slower moments where the characters first notice and start to get to know one another. For the audience to care, we need to know who the players are and why we want them to be together. Tsuredure Children skips these seemingly necessary steps by jumping straight into the juicy meat of the matter.

The anime certainly isn’t smut material, but does share some key similarities. First, there’s the aforementioned flood of climatic moments. Second, they overflow with descriptive details about the characters. Many novels do this with excessive physical descriptions of people and settings. The anime does so with distinctive, frequently funny dialogue and familiar scenarios. It’s easy to relate with the guy who isn’t sure how to interpret a girl’s language and physical cues, or with the girl who isn’t sure how best to push her relationship to the next step. Tsuredure Children takes these relatable situations and fills them with unique characters who easily distinguish themselves from the typical romance. Third, they both include the physical side of relationships. The show hasn’t shown us anything beyond a kiss and shirt removal, but it frequently discusses sex. These are teenagers, after all. This is the time where they wake up to their more carnal desires, so it’s only natural that they’d think about sex and want to learn about it first hand.

Best girl ❤

As these skits stack one after the other, we quickly get a grasp of all the different personalities. The comedic lens through which we view the show helps the emotions punch through to us. We not only laugh at them, but with them. Before you know it, you’ve formed your own affectionate bond with the show. In exchange for my viewership, I expect it to make me laugh week to week and follow through on the previous week’s cliffhangers. I give the anime my undivided attention and it continues to succeed in engaging me. Instead of a bunch of little details leading us to a big reveal, it’s the WHAT?! moment that gets us to see and appreciate the ordinary.

With that, happy anniversary to my husband! We organized and pulled off a pretty awesome wedding one year ago. We got our first house and renovated part of it. We took our first car trip with the in-laws where we all came back alive. As much as we treasure the slower days, these rose-colored moments never fail to motivate us towards the next adventure.

Tsuredure Children is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.

15 thoughts on “Celebrating my 1st Wedding Anniversary with Tsuredure Children

  1. Minagawa is fun, but she’s stuck in a subpar relationship for the show. 🙂

    Congratulations on your anniversary. Everyone celebrates them differently, but hopefully you enjoy them your way.

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  2. It’s a bit late but happy anniversary to both you and your hubby Marina-chan! Hope all is going well for both of you.
    Haven’t seen a rom-com that grabbed my attention since Ore Monogatari. This could be the next rom-com to get me invested.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! We still have a lot of our year-old wedding cake defrosted and needing eating, so I feel like it’s not over yet 😛
      I look forward to seeing what you think about Tsuredure Children when you do try it! I could definitely do with another series like Ore Monogatari that focuses on one main couple.

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  3. Yes indeed (albeit belated) congratulations to the two of you as well from me … it was certainly an interesting parallel for your post, though – this series and an anniversary?

    Well chosen! (Err … in both areas. 😉 )

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    • Thank you! Tsuredure Children has been fun to watch and remember my early relationships and how “big” events seemed to be more important then than they do now. In contrast, marriage has been all about the little things and the in between.


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