Sakura-Con 2017 Plans

Spring time means not only new shows, but also Sakura-Con! I will be attending the Seattle, WA convention for all three days. If you plan on visiting this year, please feel free to say hi–I can be reached on Twitter. Below is a list of the events most interesting to me:

  • Hiroshi Nagahama and His Love for American Comics; Making of The Reflection
    (Director of Mushishi)
  • Black Butler The Movie Washington Premiere (dub)
  • Live Drawing with Yasuhiro Irie
    (Director of Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and most recently Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume)
  • Chikashi Kubota Q&A; Panel 2
    (Animation director for Space Dandy, One Punch Man, and Shin Sekai Yuri)
  • Seattle Video Game Orchestra Performance
  • Shiki Douji Live Sketch Q&A
    (Character designer for Full Metal Panic!)
  • Kenichi Sonoda and His Artist Career; Kenichi Sonoda Live Sketch Q&A
    (Manga author of GunSmith Cats; Character designer for Bubblegum Crisis)
  • Miliyah Concert
  • World Premiere of Shinjuku Satomi Hakkenden with Yaushiro Irie (sub)

I typically prioritize Japanese guest panels since I appreciate their time and attention in flying over to the U.S. and sharing our enjoyment for their works. As a whole, the guests I’ve seen in past years of this convention have been engaging, with the exception of some translator and technical hiccups. I’m particularly excited this year for the handful of live sketches; this will be my first time experiencing this type of panel. Per usual, I will try to transcribe or summarize the panels I attend for you in my coverage later in the week.

If you are attending, let me know what you’re most excited about! As a local, I’ll also be happy to provide any recommendations for food and activities in the area.

3 thoughts on “Sakura-Con 2017 Plans

    • I’d love to meet him, but I think I’d feel weird attending his Thunderbolt Fantasy panels which I haven’t seen. Maybe I’ll check out the PMMM dub since he’s listed as present for it!


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