12 Days of Anime – [11] Anitwitter Book Club

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Almost a year ago in February, I joined the “Anitwitter Book Club.” Draggle and a handful of anime bloggers and Twitter folk started the club, with our first book being Franz Kafka’s The Trial. Those following included:

  • The Grace of Kings by Ken Liu
  • Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami
  • Earth Abides by George Stewart
  • Neuromancer by William Gibson (Dec 2015-Jan 2016)

We give each book about a month of read time before coordinating a Skype voice call with one person as the discussion leader. As you can see from the list, none of them center on anime, manga, or anything you might expect from an “Anitwitter” group. You should instead interpret it as a bunch of book lovers brought together from various anime fan media. Topics do not need to hold to our beloved platform, or even to any sort of Japanese culture; we can suggest works from across various genre.

What drew me to this club was both my adoration for reading, and a desire to connect with the others in a new way. Some of them I had met in person, read their thoughts in blogs, or traded comments with on Twitter. But it had been several years since my graduate school days, where I studied one piece of work then sat among my peers and analyzed it. I miss that mental exercise and live discussion.

And so here we are, now looking forward to Neuromancer. I must confess, we completely skipped Earth Abides due to lack of interest or time among many of the members. Mine was admittedly the former–I read about a quarter of the way through it before realizing that I could not stand the writing style. And because this is all voluntary and not graded, I was more than happy to drop the book guilt-free. So this time, I read a few pages from William Gibson’s iconic cyberpunk novel and knew almost instantly that here was a book I wanted to dive into for the holidays.

If you’re interested in joining our book club, please let me know! I speak for the whole when I say that we welcome avid readers and voiced opinions.


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