On the 8th Day of Anime — The Shots Heard Around the AniWorld

The truth is that if you’ve seen this past summer’s Aldnoah.Zero, you likely know exactly to what my title refers. The show had several surprises up its sleeve through its run, but nothing beat the finale in shock factor. The outcry that came pouring out after this episode aired clogged my online feeds and resulted in one of the longest discussions I’ve had about a single anime episode with KWoo. Neither one of us expected what happened, particularly with the way the protagonist stood on a pedestal for the majority of the series.

Then came the announcement of a sequel, and the hubbub continued. Who would be the characters and what kind of tone could we expect, given the original’s ending? Thanks to the direction of the first, the second became an absolute must-see just to answer the many questions that arose after the gunshots. We only have to wait a month for possible answers, although I think we all know that all too often even a sequel doesn’t pull through on loose ends.

8 thoughts on “On the 8th Day of Anime — The Shots Heard Around the AniWorld

  1. I absolutely loathed that ending. Completely stupid, completely “Ha! Did you see what I did there! Wasn’t that awesome! I totally shocked you, didn’t I?” The only thing I felt was the smug self-satisfaction of the writer.


      • I guess if that’s ‘working’, it is. However, it’s not the type of discussion I wanted to have about the show. I mean, it would have been just as pointless and jarring if a pack of Velociraptors had burst in and eaten everyone. To me that’s not a success with a show, just the end product of grandstanding self-gratification.


        • Hm, “worked” isn’t really the best word for me to have used without elaboration. The incidents “worked” to really grab our attention and further pique our curiosity about a sequel. But the gunshots were also a slap to the face for the time and attention put into the narrative and characters up until that point. They succeeded in getting me to talk about the show, but failed at leaving a good impression. Perhaps the thought was that any publicity is better than no publicity, though I don’t think this show needed it.


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