“Let’s keep in touch, ok?”

This season’s Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb is really hitting the ball with the stories and movement upward from high school to college. This week’s particular episode struck me since I’ll be moving out of my college town soon and into the big world. Even though a large distance will soon separate me from friends I have come to know over my seven years of undergraduate and graduate school, I can rest easy remembering that they’re only a simple text message, E-mail, phone call, or Skype chat away.

There are many high school anime out there; I can’t even begin to try naming all the ones that I have seen in the short amount of time that I’ve watched anime.  After a while, they all begin to blur together with their cardboard settings and cookie cutter stories.  Usually it’s only the characters that change, though that doesn’t happen enough.

Honeycomb is the fourth season in the franchise, and I was afraid that, like in Natsume Yuujinchou, time would move slowly and keep our beloved Yuno in high school forever.  But this is yet another episode where the topic of graduating and leaving comes up.  Yuno receives a message from a friend who was a senior when Yuno was still a freshman.  The two meet up for lunch and a chat about Arisawa’s life as a college student, both inside and outside of class.  While quite a bit of excitement fills Yuno at the thought of venturing into a new place and meeting new people, there’s also a fear of losing touch with the girls of Hidamari Apartments, people whom she almost considers family.  It may seem easy to chat with all the mediums available now for long distance communication, but advice from Arisawa reminds her that it’s important to really act if you want to keep a relationship alive:

I wasn’t too worried, thinking I could get in touch with you anytime, but I realized that you fall out of touch if you don’t actually do so.  It’s hard to be aware of it when you’re in an environment where it’s easy to meet them, but to stay connected even after moving to a different environment, you need to take action, I guess.  (Ep. 7, FFF)

Losing friendships due to distance and laziness is all too easy; I only have a few childhood friends that I can name who I remained in touch with after going to college, and even then, I probably only talked to them a couple of times a year.  While it’s good to make new friendships in the place that you live at the moment, it’s also important to keep in touch with the special people who may no longer be near you.

My original plan was to move to a big city around mid December.  I gave my two weeks notice at work and started thinking about packing and selling furniture.  Then the rug was yanked out from beneath me when my significant other of almost seven years told me that he no longer loved me.  A lot of talk and tears followed, but the decision was final: I would be moving alone, and no contact was probably the best course of action.  During our long relationship, I had become so engrossed in our life that I neglected most of my other friends.  I didn’t really know who to turn to in my time of distress.  That isn’t a situation I would ever want to wish on another.  Thankfully, the friends I built up the courage to call still cared and are helping me feel positive about the future.

I’ll be heading home at the end of the month, November, and spending the holidays with my family.  Then it’ll be apartment and job hunting in a new place, where I can once more start fresh and challenge and improve myself.  But even when I’m in that exciting place, I’ll remember the people far away who helped me cope, and I’ll send a note as often as possible.

“Even if I move to a different environment, I can stay in touch with others as long as I try.”


27 thoughts on ““Let’s keep in touch, ok?”

  1. Never fun to have this happen, especially before such tumultuous times. At least there’ll be plenty of Hidamari Sketch to watch and a lot more of life to see, eh? Small comfort, but it’s comfort all the same.


  2. First of all, super late congrats on graduating from university and entering the job district.
    2nd, ah yes, the old “scholarly bonds with friends” story. I’ve been there myself, though my own breakup wasn’t as painful, mostly due to me and my honey not lasting as long as your relationship. I pray that when you find love again, it’ll last past Hidamari Sketch season 17. HK IS the greatest SoL show EVER, after all. We must follow Yuno’s journey till she gets old and wrinkly and finally get an answer as to who Sae will choose to spend the rest of her life with: Hiro or Natsume.
    Back on topic, as you said, if you make awesome broskis in college, never, ever, forget them. Who knows? They may end up saving your bacon in the future. Right now, I only have around two broskis I keep in touch with after high school and my 2nd run through college.

    In short, good luck getting a job worthy of your “epic mealtime” brain and happy holidays.

    And because I praise this woman’s very existence, Yoshinoya is hot.


    • Thank you for the congrats 🙂 And I really am not going to go looking for love anytime soon. It’s going to be all about me, me, me for a while as I settle into a new routine. Hidamari Sketch is up there close to ARIA for best SoL, but not quite there yet :p I hope I can find some friends as beautiful as the friendships shown in both series.

      Also, Happy Holidays to you as well! I wish you wonderful foods and a full tummy ^^

      (Yoshinoya squeaky slippers hooray!)


      • Good choice Marina-chan. Either that or you somehow “see the light”. Just kidding…but seriously, enjoy your newfound freedom as you prepare to make the big bucks.

        Indeed. I may have exaggerated in calling HS the absolute best, but as you mentioned in a comment above, HS never fails to make me smile either.

        Aria, Aria, Aria…no more skipping OG. STOP DELAYING ARIA!

        You have no idea how much I’ve missed the legendary slippers. The smile on my face would have made you roflyao. for the love of Pete, get paired up with the nurse already.


  3. Every time I read anime blogs, I realize how behind I am on the anime scene. Anyway, navigating life in the real world when you don’t have the safety net of school is very terrifying. My post-college experience has been very rocky from the start, but I think things have settled nicely. I’m in no way certain of where my life is going to go, but that’s part of the journey–the uncertainty.

    I’m sure you’ll do just fine. I’m sorry about your relationship, but having a great group of friends to get you through anything definitely helps. I don’t know what I would do without mine. Good luck with the job hunt and everything else! 🙂


    • I’m relieved to here that there are others like myself who are wading out in the career world and surviving! The uncertainty may be frightening, but it’s exciting with all its possibilities as well.

      Thank you for your encouragement and condolences; every little comment helps me feel stronger 🙂


  4. Marina-chan! Congratulations on graduating and best of luck to you searching for your career. Hopefully you’ll land the job of your drams and be happy doing what you want to do. Are you planning on venturing out of state for carrer opportunities? I would say Cali, but that’s just me being selfish. Leave the past behind you and never look back. It’s time to begin a new chapter in your life… so keep your head high and smiling that pretty smile of yours =)



    • Thank you, thank you. It may be a while before I land my dream job, but I am willing to work a different job to pay the rent while I keep on searching. I am planning on leaving the state where I’ve grown up and been all my life, and have actually hinted at the location of my move on my main page :p Me being sneaky I guess, and seeing how much my readers actually navigate around the blog. I have a ton of family in CA, but sadly, that is not my final destination!


  5. My heart goes out to you. I would give anything for you to not have had to go through that. I know nothing I say will help. I know I’m not a friend. All I can do is feel terrible and let you know I’ll help any way I can. I can remind you that I am creepily loyal, caring, and protective of people who are barely aware of me let alone know me. I truly do feel like crying after reading this. Luckily I know you’re fine and that you’ll do great. I’m just happy to get just a sense of such an amazing person.

    I’ll shutup…I get emotional and tons of thoughts hit and I just stupidly ramble between them while finishing none. I’m sorry, I’m here, and it doesn’t matter because you’re okay and will always be so.


    • Even if we don’t know each other in real life, you shouldn’t knock the friendly connections that we’ve made here. Language brings people together and reveals a lot more about who we are than our physical appearances often do. I’ve always appreciated your thoughts and support for me and my blog, and hope you’ll always have the caring side to you. I’ve done a lot of crying these past few days but am firming up in resolve and am now “fine”, if not okay. There’s no where else to go but up!


  6. I had a really powerful dream of you last Thursday. So much so that I felt compelled to send a Happy Holidays hope you’re well card on Friday. I don’t even know if you have that same PO Box anymore so who knows if you’ll get it, but maybe this is what the dream was about.

    In any case, I’m glad you’re safe. Feel free to delete this after you read it.


    • You have always been in my thoughts, and not without some regret and desire for your happiness. If you actually sent me a holiday card, I should be able to pick it up before I leave town. After the 30th, all mail from that address will have to be forwarded on to the new location. Thank you for your concern.


  7. A little fox has already sent sth your way- I hope you got that. I wanted to complain at first because you kinda broke a promice concerning your thesis 😛 But other things are more important, like the fact that you moved on with your life on multiple ways. I wish you the best, especially in the work department (coz I have a hard time coping with the ‘adult’ world of business – a good boss and good working environment would be priceless, believe me). As for the sadder part of this post, the number 7 seems to be a hard one for many couples I’ve heard, although it might not help and right now might be non of your concern. In any case “this will pass, too”, so smile and enjoy. We hold you dear.


    • Yes! I received the card but wasn’t in the frame of mind at the moment to shoot back a reply. I really did appreciate the kindness and was able to smile a little through my sadness. I’ll also send you a private message regarding that promise ^^

      As for the business world, I’m lucky to have a little bit of experience teaching while I was graduate experience as well as in tourism, so at least I have those to put on my resume. I also have a food and liquor serving card, so if worse comes to worst, I can earn money as a barista or waitress. There’s certainly a lot of restaurants and coffee shops where I’m going!

      I’ve heard the seven to eight years, or every four years, is often the telling point or a relationship. I find that number so odd, and perhaps revealing about how often human beings make significant changes in personality, desires, jobs, etc. I’m sad my relationship couldn’t get past that wall, but now that my eyes are a bit clearer, I can see that I am nowhere near as fulfilled as I could be.


  8. this is my first time here but just wanted to say stay strong!! Things work out a certain way for a reason, and maybe this is an opportunity to find yourself a bit more, and perhaps get in touch and build back old bridges with friends you lost contact with.


    • Thank you for your support! I know that I just need to stay positive and work hard–miracles do happen if enough effort is put forward. WHen I head to my childhood home for the holidays, I hope I’m brave enough to ring up a few of my old pals. Somehow that seems much more intimidating than meeting new people. Anyways, I’m happy to meet a new reader, and hope to see you around again!


  9. I admit through your blogs I really do feel like I know you. I’ve always been this way. I find myself thinking about you and worrying. I’m not great with words or obviously even thinking. I just hope you know I’ve always rooted for you. I admire you, look up to you. You’ve always been what I wished I could have been. Through these tough times you’re only strengthening all that because of the strength you show. I wish I was half the person you are Marina. I really do.


    • Thank you for your support. In a way you cheering for me also means you’re cheering for yourself 🙂 You shouldn’t knock yourself, but strive to always improve.


  10. Break-ups with specials ones are not really fun no matter how we look at them. But on the brighter side, at least these teach us something and open opportunities. I’m really glad that you got to reconnect with your friends and sincerely wish for you to find love again.

    Also, congratulations on graduating. I hope you would be able to find not just a job but a career. Stay strong and all the best, Marina. 🙂


    • Thank you very much for the support and for reminding me to keep my head up. I’m sure some day I’ll find someone, though I won’t make that a priority. Right now, I’ll focus on improving myself; it’s only when I feel confidence in myself and really enjoy who I am that I can step forward and allow someone to love the new and stronger me. ^^


  11. You seemed quieter on Twitter lately. I was wondering what happened.

    Honestly, I feel your pain. My partner recently left me, as well. My relationship was much shorter in comparison (about eight months), but it was my first, I was committed, and like you I was planning for the future. Getting dumped was a terrible shock.

    But Marina, can I tell you something? You’ll find peace. I discovered so much love from my family, from old friends, even from acquaintances who could see I was having a bad time and wanted to help. It isn’t an easy recovery, but you’re doing the right thing by reaching out. Our connections to other people are what save us.

    One of my favorite authors said this, and I think it’s true– When something awful happens, the good things in life stand out even more. I hope you’re seeing the good things, or that you will, soon.

    Take care. 🙂


    • I also became quieter on Twitter when my old phone’s data was revoked; now I have an iPhone, so there’s no stopping me, mwahahhahah!

      Back on a serious note, I am equally saddened to hear about your own romantic loss. This wasn’t my first relationship, but it was definitely my longest and one around which I had started to seriously plan my life. The break was a lot messier than I let on here in my blog post, and I’ve never before felt more replaceable and unloved. I hope in your own situation that there’s nothing about that moment of truth that either of you regret.

      And you’re absolutely right about those connections that save us. Just as I’ve never felt such loss of self, I’ve also never felt such support from my friends and family; I’m starting to become incredibly excited about starting over–scared, but eager to test myself. I really hope you have such people in your life encouraging you and reminding you of your own self worth and ability.

      To reply to your tweet, if you’re ever in the Rainy City in the new year after I move, drop me a line and we’ll get coffee.


  12. To FoxeLadyAyame and her bashing Fam Fan Fan, I’ve got two words for her but this blog is a respectable site so I won’t use foul language here.

    Anyway, this episode taught me a very important lesson, the first topic a person who meets up with a high school/college friend after a long time apart, should always be about their garbage and their “talking” trash can. A wise lesson indeed.

    In all seriousness though, I keep in touch with my broskis (The best ones anyway) as often as I can.


  13. […] Let me give an example of a serious moment on the show. In episode 7, a childhood friend of Yuno’s, Arisawa, who is currently in college, stops by and asks Yuno out. At a cafe, they sit down and talk about how they’re both doing in their respective schools. The important message of this “sketch” is when Arisawa tells Yuno how important it is to always keep in touch with friends you have made in high school or college after graduating, no matter how lazy you are, at least send them messages or call them sometimes. You never know, you might meet them again someday. It may not seem like much to some, but others, who have had great times in this part of their lives with special friends, it’s an important lesson. Don’t believe me, allow me to direct you to someone who has lived Arisawa’s life and understands her completely. […]


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