Fall 2012 Set Meal

Now a full month into the fall season, I’ve finally settled on which shows I’ll be watching from week to week.  I actually would like to include a few more, but my busy schedule means that some of them will have to be reserved for a slower time of year.  For now, I’ve got nine new series to add to my watch list, and boy is there a lot of fluff and romance in the air!


Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb (4 episodes)

There’s usually always at least one show per season that has all my hopes riding on it, the one I look forward to every single week–and Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb is the show this fall season. I’ve been a fan of the series from day one with the first season, and picked it up for the following 2nd and 3rd series.  The same cast from Hoshimittsu is back in full force, beginning with third years Sae and Hiro going on their senior trip, leaving behind Yuno, Miyako, Nazuna, and Nori to look out for Hidamari Apartments.  As adorable as it was to watch Yuno struggle to be a proper “senpai” for her younger flatmates, it was also sad realizing that this would probably be the last season featuring all of our original cast.  That feeling is part of what makes watching Honeycomb all the more nostalgic and endearing.  I’m looking forward to seeing what our artistic sextet will create this memorable year, and what quirky situations my favorite Miyako will get herself into this fall.


Sukitte Ii na yo (4 episodes)

Quite different from the now popularized tsundere, Tachibana Mei seems to be heading the direction that the term originally described.  Distrustful of all others due to childhood bullying, Mi has earned the dislike of almost all the students at her high school, all except for student idol Yamato, that is.  With their common past experiences with bullying, I don’t find it too far fetched that Yamato would be attracted to Mei.  I just have issues with how quickly the romance is escalating.  I’m not looking for any wooing as tiresome as in Kimi ni Todoke, but having our characters talking sex only thee episodes in and introducing then dismissing rivals in the same short time span is much too quick.  But maybe I’m old fashioned and overly conservative, since it does seem that sex happens at a younger and younger age over the years  What I am enjoying is the gradualness of Mei’s growth in courage and self-value.


Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (4 episodes)

Like Sukitte Ii na yo, TnK is led by a sullen-faced girl with almost zero social grace and absolutely no friends to speak of.  Unlike Mei, however, Shizuku’s separation is not so much a result of past trauma and present distrust, but stems from her own emotional detachment fro everything that surrounds her.  Studies are her main focus in life, and anything that doesn’t contribute to her academics holds no merit.  It isn’t until a teacher sends her on a mission after absent delinquent Haru that foreign emotions begin to stir within her.  What starts as anger rapidly (at least in the time frame of four episodes) evolves into affection.  A couple of my biggest gripes regarding TnK are the strangeness of Haru’s character, as well as the unlikelihood of Shizuku’s attraction to him.  While I get that family issues and anger management are the likely causes for his inability to trust people, his odd ups and downs scream bipolar disorder.  Rather than fall in love with him, I’d expect Shizuku to at the most befriend him than try to get him treated.


Magi (3 episodes)

I grew up through the 90s, so of course some of my favorite Disney movies include Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and The Lion King.  Aladdin spun off with some sequels, including Aladdin and the Forty Thieves.  That retelling of Ali Baba’s legend, along with Wishbone’s One Thousand and One Tails, made me a lover of the Arabian tales for a good portion of my childhood.  So it was with much excitement that I noticed Magi on the fall 2012 anime chart and decided to give a try.  Like the aforementioned adaptations, Magi so far is clearly geared towards a younger audience.  It has some elements of dungeon clearing and monster fighting, which worried me since I thought it might end up centering mostly on dungeon floors per episode.  Thankfully, that doesn’t seem to be the case, as the first dungeon was cleared in these first few weeks.  There’s a bit of mystery shrouding our characters, the revealed magi and to-be king, and the roles they’ll be playing in the grand scheme among other nameless magi and the slew of unconquered dungeons and djinn.


Jormungand Perfect Order (3 episodes)

After a break from the first season, Perfect Order continues exactly where we left off, this time with a shorthaired Valmet, more affectionate Jonah, and a Koko on the brink of losing control.  I always wondered why she chose to take in a child soldier, particularly one who clearly stated his hatred for firearms and their dealers, but after watching the opening “R” arc, her decision made more sense.  I don’t think that Jonah will actually die through the course of the series, but I suspect that some abduction or serious injury may occur to him that will set Koko off on a rampage.  Another big player of the season looks to be “Bookman”, a man we saw in the shadows near the end of the first series, but who was completely entangled in the events starting this second season.


Kamisama Hajimemashita (4 episodes)

Kamisama Hajimemashita pulls together romance, comedy, and fantasy in a style reminiscent of Fruits Basket, though the opening thus far is still light and silly.  I kind of have a soft spot for seemingly plain girls thrown into positions of action, especially since their growth is usually more visible than the typical, faceless male lead.    I can already see Nanami  becoming proficient as a land god (Kamichu!, anyone?), and finding love during the course of matchmaking for the visitors to her shrine.


Sakurasou no Pet na Kanajou (3 episodes)

I would normally peg this as your usual guy and mysterious girl pairing, but…wait, that’s exactly what this show is! Despite the cliche, I can’t helpt but be drawn to the setting and strange cast of characters who all exhibit and act upon their individual talents–all except our male lead, Sorata, who seemingly has no gifts.  But I think I can see where this show is going with our hopeless man and his sudden responsibility for “Shiro”.  Already it seems he has a knack for caring or others, as if his multitude of stray cats isn’t a clear enough indicator.  Where my interest mainly lies, however, is with Shiro–the helpless, genius artist with absolutely no sense for tidiness of self upkeep who shares my adoration for baumkuchen.  It’s intriguing to me that a girl with such creative talents holds such passion for drawing manga when her own storytelling lacks depth.  Perhaps like with Bakuman, she’ll find a writing inspiration with another.


Bakuman. 3 (4 episodes)

I’ve loyally followed this show for two, two-cour seasons now, and it continues to reel me back in.  Having finally grasped the top ranking at the end of the previous season, Ashirogi Muto is starting to look ahead to their dream of an anime adaptation, hopefully with Azuki Miho as the lead voice actress.  But with her own career flourishing, and more offers rolling in–even from one of Ashirogi’s rivals–it’s getting tougher for her to choose between jobs.  Of course Bakuman wouldn’t the show that it is without the continued rivalry with Niizuma and Kenji–and now a new group of serializations are in to make the climb to the top even more difficult for the mangaka duo.  My biggest desire is for us to finally receive an ending, particularly one with wedding bells.


Zetsuen no Tempest (4 episodes)

I wasn’t so sure about this show at the start, but changed my mind quickly by the second episode.  ZnT is definitely a Bones TV series, and reminds me greatly of intriguing sci-fi No.6.  Like the 2011 summer show, ZnT has a flair for drama with its Shakespearean influences in the setting, characters, and plot.  A storm is on the move and increasing in intensity, freezing entire cities in time and strewing monstrous body-plant hybrids–“fruit”–in its wake.  Part of what intrigues me so much about this show is the odd connection between the magicians and the murder of Mahiro’s little sister.  There are a lot of coincidences already at the start that Tempest is asking us to just believe in, such as the chance of Hakaze’s bottled note reaching Mahiro–who happens to be the perfect person for her plans.  But I’m going to go on faith with this show and hope the rest of the show explains the relation between Hakaze’s family and Aika’s death.



  • Muv-Luv Alternative – Total Eclipse
  • Sword Art Online
  • Eureka Seven AO
  • Hunter x Hunter (2011)
  • Polar Bear Cafe
  • Poyopoyo
  • Space Brothers
  • The Knight in the Area


  • Robotics;Notes
  • Shinsekai Yori
  • Psycho-Pass
  • Kyousogiga

21 thoughts on “Fall 2012 Set Meal

  1. For the same reason you continue Magi, I’m probably going to drop it: they’ve cleared a whole a dungeon in so few episodes?? They have fast-forwarded it and it does feel rushed. A friend has told me that the manga is much better. I might try it that way. Kamisama Hajimemashita was also dropped coz I found it a bit boring and bishies introduced in the first 2 eps were just too full of themselves. And then K was harmful for my eyes, not to mention it’s choked with fanservice of all kinds…

    I follow Sukinayo for the sex discussions that are so rare in shoujo and… for the OP-ED (love theeeeeem) and Zetsuen no Tempest for the great music, voice actors and atmosphere. Aika is a fascinating character and the interactions between Yoshino and Mahiro are interesting as well.

    PsychoPass and Shinsekai Yori play with ideas of twisted societies and I’m entralled. I’m a bit careful with PsychoPass and I admit that one big reason I watch it is Shinya, the bad-boy bishounen *sweatdrop* But Shinsekai Yori- I can recommend it with all my heart. It had a bit of a slow start, yet the mystery and the logic of this world are what make me expect it the most every week.

    I must catch up with Space Bros again… though the show is good, it doesn’t do much to make me fervently to keep watching it :/


    • Well, I think my fear with Magi was that it would turn into a level per episode type of show, focusing on monsters or bosses as each episode’s climax. But I can definitely see where you’re coming from, as the whole goal of Ali Baba’s life–to conquer a dungeon and return a rich hero–was achieved so soon. I am hopeful though after that arc that we’ll see more of Morgiana, who looks like a really great character.

      As for K, I heard it was interesting story and character wise, but like you, I just couldn’t get through the first episode. Not only do I not find the art delightful in the least, but the whole introduction of characters seemed over the top. Yes, Sukitte has a great OP and ED, but I absolutely love the quirky girliness of Kamisama’s OP. It’s playful, whimsical, moody 🙂

      I’m definitely going to keep with Psycho Pass and Shinsekai Yori; I’ll keep downloading them and save them for a marathoning weekend sometime.


      • Oh Kamisama’s OP huh? Yeah I liked that, too. The graphics were neat and I liked the colors used. It kinda reminded me the opening of Kimi ni Todoke which I absolutely adored (the op not the series itself 😛 ) But it didn’t manage to sustain my interest as a series unfortunately. Plus I really needed to cut down on the numbers of series I’m following. I wonder, if it’s my deeper involvement in the community or the quality of anime that lead to this (ie following so many shows)…


        • The soft textures and bright colors of KnT’s OP were so befitting of the characters 🙂 Your question though, about whether it’s the quality of the anime or your involvement in the community affecting your number of shows is an interesting one, though. I think that if I weren’t so busy in real life, I would definitely have added more shows to my currently watching list, like the ones in my backlog. I also kind of want to follow Hayate no Gotoku since I never really watched the original series, but right now it just doesn’t stand out enough from the others for me to include it.


  2. I was actually working on building up the courage to ask what you were watching this season so thanks for this blog.

    Quite a few of those look interesting. It makes me impatient for when I can follow new anime again. Luckily for me there’s a wealth of older stuff for me to discover.

    I must admit as I read your blog that I kept hoping to see JoJo, even though I can’t watch it yet, just to have a show I’m familiar with on it.

    As for me I was completely offline for two months so no anime lately. I did read a few manga from the library though. I read Nausicaa(sp? and much more than I expected), Azumanga Daioh (My first comic style manga and a funny one), and Barefoot Gen (A real eye opener for me. It kinda got me.)

    Btw when you mentioned Bones you meant the show on FOX right?


    • I really thought about you when I got my hands on the first episode of JoJo, but I admit that my scan through the episode had me turning away from the art style. That’s a REALLY BAD excuse for why I decided to drop it for now, I know, but I noticed myself automatically skipping over it and turning to the 3rd and 4th episodes of others series instead. Maybe I’ll have to pick up the source material first for me to be interested enough in the anime. I hope you’re able to watch it eventually though, and let me know if it lives up to the manga.

      I love that you read Nausicaa. I haven’t read it myself, but I absolutely adore the movie (if it’s indeed Miyazaki’s work). She’s one of my favorite heroines of his works ever. Azumanga Daioh was one fo the first anime I ever watched, and the first manga I purchased and read, in its omnibus form. Osaka has got to be one of the most unique characters ever created!

      And when I said Bones, I was referring to the Japanese studio company, who created anime like No.6, UN-GO, GOSICK, and better known classics like FMA, FMA:Brotherhood, Wolf’s Rain, Darker than Black, and RahXephon.


  3. Aha! My Fall list (in terms of new shows) is shorter than yours! HAHAHA! Mainly because out of the new shows you listed that you’re watching, I’ve mostly been keeping up with Zetsuen No Tempest! Magi, Tonari, Sukitte, and Pet Girl is on hold, with Kamisama dropped, and I haven’t watched HidaSketch or Bakuman (though I’ve read the manga, I can probably jump right in), so there! (I think)

    What I am watching: Tempest, K, Psycho Pass, Robotics; Notes, Ixion Saga DT, Gyrozetter, Jojo. So with continuing stuff (Jormungand, SAO, Total Eclipse, Space Bros, Ginga E Kickoff, Poyopoyo), I only got 13 series to watch. This provides time for me to catch up on other stuff :3


    • O_O HOW is having a shorter list than mine a W-I-N?! :p Like I mentioned to FoxyLady, I would have actually chosen to include more if time allowed. I feel like I’m missing out on some great shows! As it is, I’m curious if you’ve ever seen any of the HidaSketch series? If you have and liked, then you’ll most definitely love this season. If you haven’t, well, it’s an interesting mixture of soft art, loli moe, healing/feel good scenes, and comedy school life. I can’t really think of another show quite like it.


      • That’s the thing: I haven’t seen any of the prior HidaSketch series. Maybe I’ll check it out someday, but I have other shows to look at, so gomenasai on that one!


  4. Araki’s art does have a unique style the anime tries too emulate. I’m rather fond of Araki’s style, but he has improved and it is unique. I’m honestly not sure how well it’ll translate in the anime though. As for you passing on it because of the art is not a bad reason. You’re really busy and have to be really picky. Thanks for thinking of me and giving it a shot.

    It is indeed Miyazaki’s work and with what you just said about it I must highly reccomend you read it. It goes far beyond the anime.

    As for Azumanga Daioh. I actually read it because I remembered it listed in your favorites on MAL. (Creepy memory lol) I actually marathoned the rest of Maid Sama today so I can start it’s anime tomorrow.

    The crime drama aspect threw me off and I can only name a few studios to be honest. I’ve only seen one of the anime you listed as well. *ends lame excuses for ignorence*


    • In regards to Nausicaa, I watched a tv special about his work on it, and I believe the concept was originally for the big screen. To get the project approved, he then was asked to see how successful it would be in manga form–so I find it interesting when anyone prefers the manga to the movie. I definitely will read it some day; I almost purchased the pretty copy I found at AX last June, but couldn’t get past the price.

      I don’t think it’s creepy that you remembered AzuDaioh from my list :p Quite often I’ll stumble across some random anime and remember that somewhere someone loved it or recommended it to me.


  5. You seem to be watching a lot of series. Adding new series AND continuing to watch things from last season must make your anime pile quite high. It’s great that you are watching Bakuman 3. For some reason not a lot of anime bloggers are doing so. You should definitely move Shinsekai Yori to your active viewing list though. And are you really enjoying Muv Luv? I watched the entire first season but dropped it because it failed to prove entertaining for me.


    • Despite my “backlog,” I certainly do have a lot going on right now >< I didn't realize not many people were keeping up with Bakuman.3. It seemed like the first two seasons had a healthy enough following, but perhaps the pacing is a bit long for some people. As for Muv Luv, I pretty much only watching that because my boyfriend seems to be enjoying it, so I watch with him. It's not an intellectually stimulating show in the slightest, but I am a bit curious about the Beta and how it'll all turn out.


  6. I agree with you about both Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun and Sukitte Ii na yo. With the earlier, I do find it strange that Shizuku is in love with her titular monster – it feels very forced, though I’ve generally ignored this oddity and continued to enjoy the show.

    For the latter, I’ve been informed that perhaps the couple doesn’t go as far as assume they would, based on the early episodes (though I’ve only seen up to three). I stopped watching the series for a while because I thought it might devolve into a sex-focused series, and though now I know it should have more depth than that, I’m still not super excited to continue the show.


    • I really enjoy Shizuku’s character more with each episode, so I hope I start to see improvement in Haru’s personality to match.

      The most recent episode in Sukitte with Yamato’s little sister is pretty adorable, and helps scale down the sexual tension a bit. She even baked some sort of delicious looking dessert that I think might have been apple pie. I don’t see anything wrong with waiting for the entire series to be out and hearing the verdict before deciding whether or not you’re going to finish it. I’ll definitely give a heads up in my end of the season round up. I actually am not bothered at all by sexual relationships outside of marriage; it was more the speed of its culmination in their relationship that worried me.


      • Yeah…they definitely are moving fast. With Mei having so little experience with relationships, and Yamato having so much, it’s would troubling if that was happening in real life.


        • Well, I guess speaking from experience, it’s overwhelming. Coming from an environment where others don’t really pay attention to you relationship-wise to suddenly having the focused attention of a charismatic guy (freshman in college, anyone?) makes it difficult to think clearly.


          • Oh no…the freshman girls! When I was a senior in college, I helped lead our church’s freshman group. The guy leaders were very protective of the girls, because, well, we knew that even in an environment like that, the older college guys (as well as younger) would flock to the girls like sharks to blood. It was pretty disconcerting.


  7. To clarify, I didn’t mean the manga for Nausicaa was better than the movie. I meant the story goes much further in the manga than the movie. According to a bonus section in the manga the movie only covers the first volume or two.

    As for my “creepy memory” comment a blogger said I had a creepy memory when they mentioned starting on a film project and I asked if it was the one they mentioned hoping to do years earlier. (It was btw) It’s just stuck with me ever since.

    Quick random note: I’m surprised how true to the manga Azumanga Daioh is thus far. You wouldn’t think it’d translate, but it does.


  8. I think I’m with you a bit with how Sukitte’s characters are being portrayed. The whole “sex” part is fairly realistic but it is a bit overdone at the same time. I like the atmosphere it builds though (semi-dark tone). Though Tonari is still hands down my favorite shoujo of the season.

    I have a weak spot for series like Magi. Like what you said, it’s slightly geared towards a more younger audience (though it does have some intense stuff) but I really love adventure shonen series that are done well and fortunately for Magi, it is.

    If I were you though, go start on Shinsekai Yori already because my god is it so awesomesauce.


    • Yes, that sexual realism is what draws in a good number of people, yet the speed is what also alienates others. I hope Sukitte can somehow manage to balance both. TnK is a favorite of this season primarily for the humor, though I’m wondering how the drama will amp up with the new glasses girl checking out Haru 😉

      Magi has been fun this past week, though HunterxHunter (2011) still trumps it in the shounen category, and I’m REALLY looking forward to next week’s Morgiana story.

      And yes! I’ll try to get around to Shinsekai Yori!


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