[Remembering Love] Uchuu no Stellvia: Heading Home to Space

I cannot even begin to count the number of times that I have re-watched Uchuu no Stellvia, and no matter the years that have passed and the new shows that have popped up, it remains to this day one of my most beloved series.  I want to thank TRazor for instigating the Remembering Love series of blog posts, aimed at re-living those special moments from the anime closest to the heart all through the month of May, every Sunday.

Although there are several reasons why Stellvia has earned a high spot in my favorites, I chalk up my love greatly due to the setting.  Attending school in space has been a fantasy of mine since reading Ender’s Game way back in middle school, and I was always caught between my desire to see it animated on the big screen and my fear of the result of such a product.  So when I picked up Stellvia on a friend’s suggestion, I felt like my desire could finally be realized with a story that wasn’t restricted to a book whose sanctity had already been set.

The show takes a large amount of time settling the viewers into its futuristic world of space travel and inhabitance; Shipon’s launch into space appears as normal as any flight from a present-time airport.  Outsiders can bid their loved ones goodbye at the gate, and watch on the big screen as the shuttle blasts off.  The familiarity makes the scene more believable, and it’s easy to set yourself into Shipon’s shoes as she buckles into her seat and gazes out into the scariness and beauty of space.  The moment of arrival to the Stellvia Space Foundation is one that welcomes not only the new students aboard the ship, but also the viewers–every time I re-watch it, I feel like I’m coming back home.

This approachability extends to the students’ classes, which are geared to their interests, eventual careers, and most urgently, the impending encounter with an extinction-level event known as the Second Wave.  Put all together, the end result is a combination of fun daily school and home life, and preparation for an occasion that may just wipe out all of mankind.  It isn’t ever all play or all work on board the Stellvia!

…although this image shows otherwise!

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33 thoughts on “[Remembering Love] Uchuu no Stellvia: Heading Home to Space

  1. I’ll sum up my thoughts on Stellvia in the following sentences:
    -Shipon’s adorable.
    -Kouta deserves to rot on an abandoned planet and is quite possibly one of the lamest male love interests in anime history and that’s saying a lot. I mean C’MON! Anyone who expects me to believe Shipon and Kouta had…”chemistry”…well let’s just say my opinion of said person isn’t a positive one.
    -ARISA WAS ROBBED! Screw you Kouta!
    -Ayaka and Yayoi are canon and is one of those relationships I sometimes question but after seeing Kuttsukiboshi…it all makes sense now.
    -As for the rest of the show, enjoyable.


    • Shipon actually got on my nerves for a good portion of the show’s middle section, but I did adore her character at the start. I also didn’t quite have that level of animosity you seem to have towards Kouta; I just thought him very dense relationship-wise, but thought it understandable given his age and that Shipon is his first love (I think). I’m glad to find a fellow fan of Stellvia, especially one who celebrates the Ayaka and Yayoi pairing!


      • But of course I disliked Shipon at first. she started off as an arrogant haughty snob who sought independence far too early in her life. However, she grew on me and of course due to her being Arisa’s object of affections, gains bonus points.
        I’ll never cease to despise Kouta. I could care less of his age and mentality. His complete lack of character is what irritates me…that and the fact he comes off as a chick flick love interest reject.


        • “But of course I disliked Shipon at first. she started off as an arrogant haughty snob who sought independence far too early in her life.”

          Are we talking about the same Shipon? :p


      • Been a while since I watched this show, so my bad for mixing up Shipon’s initial intentions and personality. The point is we both agree Shipon was a pain at first for whatever reason.


        • Rinna, the younger, purple-haired girl, serves as a good foil to Shipon’s too quick growth in pride. On that note, Kouta does as well. ^^


          • Wow, it has REALLY been a while since I discussed this show. I don’t even remember what Rinna did to keep Shipon in check.

            By the way, the Marina-chan tribute review I promised you a while back, it’ll be posted sometime this week.


          • It’s not that Rinna does any specific thing, but that she performs better overall since she’s lived on a space foundation for her entire life and those types of activities come naturally to her.

            And I look forward to your review!


  2. Animation, music, and production quality I thought was pretty terrible. It might have well not have had an opening, but then that would mean the animators would have to work more. The idea and story I’m fine with.


    • Despite my love for the show, I do acknowledge that it has some serious problems in the areas that you list. I can’t get over how unnatural the characters’ shoulders are, as they slope up at strange angles that makes it look like they have fat reserves at the neck.

      I’m going to have to disagree with you on the music aspect, which I thought was playfully inserted throughout episodes to align with various characters. I’m reminded of the adventurous theme that played whenever Shoujin, the “ninja” of the Big Four, was on screen, and the silly music accompanying the pilot classes. The OP and ED scenes could use some work, but I don’t have a problem with the songs themselves.


        • I don’t think any real reason was given for why the project was halted. I haven’t completely given up hope, seeing as how there have recently been some older shows receiving sequels after a good deal of time had already passed (Eureka, Moyashimon, Aquarion), though none of them quite as long as Stellvia’s break.


      • Now then, which old school show will I pick as #163? Numbers 160 to 162 are already reserved. It has to be relatively obscure and not well known…like Stellvia here. Maybe…meh, why not? The Third will be #163.


  3. I’ve never even heard of this I’m afraid. I can’t wait to really be able to dive into anime again. I was kinda just starting around the time I stumbled upon you. Which I actually remember btw. I checked MAL for a blogging club and saw your comment asking for people to check your blogs and I couldn’t resist. So that’s how you got this reader. Well actually the blogs I read after clicking that link were, but you know what I mean.

    Also I was surprised in the comments to see that the animation is bad. I thought the screenshots looked good. I’m guessing the shoulder thing you mention is in the second picture. I didn’t even notice until you mentioned it.

    Are you doing another one of these every Sunday this Month? It’s rather interesting to learn why you love an anime so much. Never pictured you as a space gal.

    Lastly I think I’m gonna watch The Melancholy of…umm…Suziyuki Harahu? I’m sure it’s close enough for you to know it.


    • Well, the anime is limited a bit by its animation, but I rate art and animation differently. For the time that it was produced, I think the animation was pretty decent. The character designs with the shoulders and straight, tree-trunk-like legs are more distracting for me. :p

      And I am doing one of these every Sunday this May. Instead of focusing on separate aspects of the same anime, I’m planning on choosing 3 other favorites for each post.

      The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi is a fun show, though I do think it a bit overrated. What really makes it for me are the characters. I hope you enjoy it!


    • I believe Stellvia was my first space/mecha-ish (Infinity, sort-of) anime, and I have it to thank for my discovery of other favorites like Macross Frontier, Full Metal Panic!, and Eureka Seven.


  4. Nice choice. I am actually watching that show currently. I never fully finish it the firs time, so decided to give it another go. Currently on episode where Rinna comes to the academy (not the astroball tournament episode)


    • Nice! The first, Great Mission arc is definitely my favorite, though I did enjoy the show all the way to the end. I’m currently watching the in-between episode where Shipon and Kouta briefly go back to Earth–a nice breather before the next crisis!


  5. I love this show and brings me a fond memory. If I remember anything, the ironic thing was the supporting characters were lot more interesting than the male lead. Still I didn’t mind him at all because everything was pleasing. The mediocre animation and flawed drawing didn’t detract me from enjoying this show. It is one of a few shows in Xebec that I enjoy. I do hope for a sequel as there was an intrigue at near the end.


    • Let’s both cross our fingers and hope for a sequel to someday to go into production!

      The interesting thing about Kouta’s character for me is that I actually started to like him more with each re-watch. I don’t think he’s devoid of a personality at all, and I can also see why he and Shipon are attracted to one another. Although I do have to agree with you that the side characters are a riot to watch!


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