[Product Review] Gesshoku Designs’ Apparel and Accessories

Anime advertisement on my person is a very new thing to me; I have never before owned any clothing with anime or kawaii designs.  That was mostly because I just didn’t know where to purchase such items, but also had a good deal to do with my own embarrassment about revealing such out-of-character hobbies as a college student. It’s only recently that I’ve become a bit more comfortable with my hobbies–if people want to be my friend, they might as well get to know everything about me sooner rather than later!

Official website: http://www.gesshoku.org/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Gesshoku
Ordered: 3/8/12
Shipped: 3/27/12
Arrived: 4/20/12
Payment through Paypal (they also accept major credit cards and money orders)

Shipping experience: Because of the warning on their shipping page about the extended waiting period, I purchased my items fully equipped with the patience to wait.  Unfortunately, the waiting took a bit too long.  I made my order on the 8th, and after two weeks of absolutely no update on my purchases, I contacted them on the 24th.  I was pleasantly surprised at their very quick E-mail the next day; however, I wasn’t so pleased with the content of their reply.  The shipping delay was caused by a shortage of printing supplies, and my items hadn’t even been put into the printing process yet.  It seems like common sense to me for the company to at least issue out some kind of consumer-wide E-mail or order status update as soon as they were aware of the delay.  As an apology, they did kindly offer me three free pins–an offer which I gladly accepted.

As an added delay, the address was somehow ripped off on the package’s journey, so it came all the way up to my state then was sent all the way back to the manufacturers.  Gesshoku was very quick to reply to my E-mails, sending my purchase back immediately and apologizing profusely for the inconvenience.  I’m not sure if the blame is on USPS for handling the package too roughly, or on Gesshoku for not securely attaching the label.

My products came inside a padded flat rate envelope–cheap and fairly protective.  The bag and shirts were wrapped up neatly inside, and my pins were gently layered inside some additional tissue paper.

Kitsune Udon Babydoll T-shirt (Size L) – $18.50
Even though I’m a steady medium for women’s sizing, I took the advice of Gesshoku‘s babydoll sizing chart and went up a size.  This was a good decision, as the shirt fits me just right.  It’s loose around the bottom hem so that it doesn’t bunch up around my waist, and I don’t have much stretching across my chest either.  The material is pretty thin and 100% cotton, and you may want to wear a thin cami/tank-top underneath if you have a color bra.  I really like how simple and lightweight the shirt is and look forward to wearing it at AX 2012.  For you guys, they do make regular t-shirts!

Onigiri Rice Balls Messenger Bag – $39.50
I have been looking for a fun messenger bag for quite a while, and thought I would give theirs a try given all the positive reviews I read on their main site.  The canvas is sturdy, and I really like how secure the strap feels; with the double stitching on the ends, I’m not too worried about it snapping from some weight.  The edges are stylistically frayed–I prefer this since I often find that canvas bags without that detailing tend to look cheap unless there’s a special border.  There are a couple of zipper pockets, one you can fit a small laptop charger or other miscellaneous items into, and another smaller one that I might use for pens and pencils.  There are two outside side pockets that look perfect for cell phones or mp3 players.

There’s really only the one large compartment, so if you have a laptop or any other easy-to-scratch product like an E-reader, you should make sure that they’re in their own sleeves if piling them in with spiral notebooks.  The inner material is cloth, so I don’t foresee any ripping like plastic interiors are prone to.  My 15-in. MacBook Pro fits inside it perfectly with just enough give on the sides.  I do warn, however, to avoid black for the bag color if you have any sort of shedding pet.  My dog has both black and white fur, so it didn’t take long for me to notice her fur clinging to my bag.

Tasty Japanese Food 4-pin Set by Dokkirii – $5.50
I have never purchased pins before since I never had a reason to use them.  I guess I just didn’t see the point in high school and college when all my hobbies were shared with my friends and they already knew what I liked.  Now that I’m in my mid-20s and no longer in such closed settings, I’ve found it harder and harder to break ice with strangers whose interests are unknown to me, and vice versa.  These pins seem like such a fun and cute way of displaying my interests and personality.  My only concern is that over doing them on any one accessory looks gaudy, so I plan on only ever having one or two at a time.

These food pins really are adorable and well made.  They’re just little enough that I don’t mind stacking two of them right next to each other along an edge of my new bag.

Kaomoji Emoticon Cute Kitty Pin
Kaomoji Emoticon Crying Despair Pin
Blush Face Emoticon Pin – Free, though priced at $1.50/pin
These pins were the conciliatory gift from Gesshoku due to the long waiting period.  They asked me to choose any three that I liked.

Deal with Purchase
Along with my chosen items, I received a cute little note card thanking me for my purchase.  It provided a 7%-off code for my next order.  This is such a personable and adorable way to show gratitude to their customers!

On my wishlist:

9 thoughts on “[Product Review] Gesshoku Designs’ Apparel and Accessories

  1. Well look at that. You mention it and a few days later I see the stuff. I sure didn’t forsee that! Lol.

    It looks good on you and I like the bag. The food pins so didn’t surprise me. Honestly, and no offense, but your size was more surprising considering that love for food.

    You’re just as good at reviewing products as you are anime. I like how informative you were about quality and offer little insights and tips.

    Slightly off topic, but those pins got me thinking about The World Ends With You. I’ve thought a couple of times about buying some TWEWY pins. If you haven’t played it and have a chance you should check it out. Best game I’ve played on DS.

    Lastly quick question. Is that tournament single blog based or overall blogging based?


    • Well, it was weird because I did space out my purchases over the course of these past two months, but due to delays and annoying shipping to where I live, they’re all arriving around the same time :S Then when I do these product reviews, it’ll look like I went on a huge shopping spree.

      Thank you for the feedback on my product review. I was felt so-so about it since I had never done one before, so I just wrote down the types of things I would want to know if I were reading a review from someone else.

      My boyfriend actually owns The World Ends with You, so I could definitely give it a try. I may even try to do a game review if I’m able to complete it. I have a Tales of Graces f game review in the making that I asked my bf to help me with, so look forward to that being posted sometime 🙂

      As for your question, I’m not sure what you mean by “overall blogging based”. Are you referring to one blog in its entirety with all the posts, pages, and layout?


    • I would love it if somewhere along the line of me writing more product reviews that one of them will notice me or put out a request for reviewers and provide me with a discount code for my readers. I see that all the time on YouTube.


  2. Well I stand by my reccomendation. It’s a unique game with a story I really enjoyed. And I never heard of Tales of Graces f so I’ll be very interested in reading your review.

    I had time and was curious a few days ago so I thought I’d check out a few blogs from the tournament. One blog wouldn’t load and the other just led to confusion for me. I thought it would be each blogger posts a blog for the compitition and then you vote on which blog was better. Basically I’m asking if I’m reading two blogs that day or if I need to go check out the other person’s blogs.


    • Ah, well for the most part, the tournament organizers go and round up all the current anime-ish (manga is in, too) blogs they can find and put them in. A blog can request non-participation. 4 matches are arranged for each day of Round 1, with 2 overall blogs per match. Voters are provided with the links to each blog so they can visit and decide which one they are more likely to read. I tend to look through at least 3 or 4 posts per blog very quickly, check how often the author replies to the reader comments, and how the layout and theme aid readership and navigation.


  3. Super cute! Everything you bought and got for free looks great. Usually when I go to comic conventions I love looking at the apparel, bags, and pins. I’m a sucker for bags with cute designs on them. This store looks like it makes amazing stuff.

    I’m guessing despite the delay and mix up with your order you would order from them again in the future?


    • Yay! More cute things for us to squeal over 😛 I am such an addict when it comes to bags, so I really, really hope that they don’t have any that I like at AX if I’m able to go. I wanted about 5 of the ones on the site.

      I would order again from them since they are quick to communicate (when you E-mail them first) and have no problem taking responsibility for their errors. I would prefer it if shipping delays and misroutes didn’t happen again, since that does bug me a lot living where I do.

      And I have ONE more upcoming product review, an order which should arrive any day now. Look forward to it!


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