[Product Review] Hot Topic Hatsune Miku Girls T-shirt

The truth is that I’m the last person you’d probably see shopping at a Hot Topic, a store I stopped buying clothing from way back in high school.  I went through my punk/skater-ish phase and realized that I preferred more laid back, neutral clothing.  I like to let the accessories shine! But, when shopping for a friend’s birthday, I couldn’t help but notice the Hatsune Miku t-shirt hanging on display in the store.  I had to have it, and have it I did.

Official website: http://www.hottopic.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hottopic
Purchased: In-store, though online purchase is also available

Bottom: Silver Jeans - Pioneer Low Rise Bootcut Jean - 31-33" Inseam Accessories: Jewelmint - Tiger Cabochon Ring, American Eagle - Black Leather Belt

Hatsune Miku Girls T-shirt (Junior Size M) – $22.50

This fitted black tee features a front screen of Hatsune Miku doing what she does best – singing!

Made of 100% cotton, this imported “Hot Topic exclusive” is both light weight and breathable.  Its tag lists it as an official product of Crypton.  The fit does run a bit small since it follows junior sizing.  I would recommend going a size up if you have anything larger than a C-cup.  Expect a bit of distortion, as shown in my picture above, if you are on the chestier side.

As for the quality, I have yet to throw it in the wash so I’m not sure if it’ll shrink much due to it being fully made of cotton.  The product recommends that you wash cold and dry low.  I admit to being a bit afraid since the shirt fits me snugly–I may end up letting it air dry each time just to be on the safe side.  The weaving of the shirt isn’t so relaxed as to be see-through, but again, it is still fairly thin material.  The stitching looks uniform all the way around, with no flyaway threads to unravel or catch onto things. I’ll probably have to wash the shirt a few times to test the durability of the screen design.

So far, I’m fairly satisfied with my purchase and proud to display my adoration for its most popular singer.  If there was one for Megurine Luka, I most definitely would have picked that one up as well.  As it stands, they only have this one as well as one of the Kagamine siblings (and tons of Sailor Moon merchandise).

And wouldn’t you know it, this is my first product review! Cheers!

19 thoughts on “[Product Review] Hot Topic Hatsune Miku Girls T-shirt

  1. Note to the Caribbean: Build an anime store or at least some store that sells anime stuff. One day, I WILL return to the US and demand directions to an anime store.

    Oh and both your physical proportions and the shirt rock hard. I predict your head looks like The Professor’s.


    • Part of why I grabbed up the t-shirt so quickly is because of the limited anime supplies that we have where we live; I was so shocked to see it that I grabbed it without even thinking. Lucky thing too, since it was the last of my size, with only a small and extra-large left ><

      I burst out laughing from superimposing Hakase's head on top of my photograph. Now THAT is truly frightful.


      • Reminds me of the time I found a copy of White Knight Chronicles II for $5 during a time where it still had a $40 price tag.

        One trait I pride myself in Marina-chan is the fact that when it comes to a subject matter I can actually talk about freely, I will act like a happy go lucky boyscout…except against harem anime where I usually unleash my rage.
        So yeah, I also had a good laugh picturing the Professor’s head on your body…then again, maybe you’re the Professor’s adult form.


        But seriously, that’s a neat shirt, and I’m not even much of a Vocaloid fan. If only I had money for these sorts of things. XP


        • Trust me, these purchases are usually far and few in between. It was a spur-of-the-moment buy while I was on my birthday run. I usually only spend money on my rent, gasoline, and bills ><


    • That really sucks about how quickly the things you like are sold out so quickly. I remember my Japanese exchange student, from high school, buying so many clothes and shoes while she was up here because they would have cost so much more back in Japan.


  2. Wow, that is really cute! I love the shirt. Oddly enough, I don’t wear too many shirts like this one. Usually my style is more dressed up with jeans than T-shirts. T-shirts I usually leave for lounging around at home or sleeping in. Still, the Hatsune Miku shirt is quite cute.


    • I almost broke my neck with how quickly my head whipped back around for a second look, since I couldn’t believe my eyes the first time.
      As for your style, I really adore feminine, formal tops with a nice pair of jeans. Just the other day I was sporting a thin crocheted sweater and a neutral blazer that looked pretty cool with jeans and flats. It made me feel very “University” young, hip professor-ish :p


  3. While i have no lack of anime related stores that sells goods besides figures here. That shirt is effin cute @ w@)b


  4. Pretty stylish aren’t you? Also I think you’ll be good for May. As for the shirt girls or not I’d wear it and I’m only vaguely aware of that character. And I’ve never even seen an anime store. Stupid small market living….


  5. I’ve actually had terrible luck with shipping. Both sending stuff and having stuff shipped to me. In fact I’m still waiting for a book I ordered 2 months ago. Plus out of the last three gifts I sent only one arrived. One never showed up and another was broken. So I’m really weary of delivery services.


    • Ahhh, yes, I feel your pain. I live in a state that apparently isn’t considered part of the continental U.S., despite the face that only Canada separates us. I am also waiting for a shipment I ordered at the beginning of March, which came all the way up here to a city near mine, only to be shipped all the way back. Apparently the label was ripped off D: and they just not re-sent it out to me.


  6. Yeah I’ve been there. What I’m waiting on I ordered from Japan and that’s always fun.

    I can actually do you one better on shipping incidents though. When I went to upgrade my phone it made it to my local Fedex which then sent it back because they couldn’t find my house. The kicker? Fedex was a few blocks away on the same road. There were literally zero turn between Fedex and my house.


    • I concede defeat. That’s insane that the package was so close, yet so far. Maybe next time you should put a huge neon sign on the front of your house with the address!


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