Aniblog Tourney 2012

The Aniblog Tourney is just around the corner, starting April 15th, and I encourage every one of my readers to participate. Not only does voting urge the bloggers to up their ante, but it promotes communication between all parties involved. I greatly appreciate the chance to collaborate so closely with my readers and fellow bloggers and hope that the results, no matter if a “win” or a “loss,” will inspire me to become a better writer.

Update: Anime B&B will be up for Round 2 on May 6th, so I look forward to seeing you then!
Update: I luckily made it through the second round and will enter Round 3 on Friday, June 8th.
Update: Thanks for your support everyone! I had a good run, and was neck and neck for runner-up in Round 3.  I’ll see you next year!

Rules | Dates | Full Tourney Bracket

And for some interesting coverage on the Tourney, check out TRazor and TWWK’s previews.

28 thoughts on “Aniblog Tourney 2012

  1. Aww…This sounds really fun. Wish I could participate. Best of luck to you. I’ll definitely be cheering for you since you’re the ony one a follow. Though I’ll skip the outfit and pom poms.


    • Aw, thanks dragonymos 🙂 You’re always so supportive and sweet, and are a joy to blog for. And you CAN participate: you just have to go to the linked site on the voting date and vote on the poll. But of course, your cheering me on here makes me happy enough ^^


  2. It’s my pleasure to read your blogs Miss Marina. I’ll tell you what. I’ll read both blogs and participate in your brackets at least. I will try my very best to not be biased and will explain my vote honestly to both bloggers to help keep me honest. Sound fair?

    There are just far to many blogs for me to try and read and comment on being on my phone.


  3. after contemplating on your bracket, I think you have a very strong chance of getting though the first round and even sizable chance in the second. Best of luck!


    • Well, Daifuuku’s blog account looks to be currently suspended, so I’m not sure what the bodes for my first round. I appreciate your thoughts, though I’m happy enough just participating ^^


  4. Marina’s readers are also more than welcome to vote for me, as I am equally sugoi.
    *cough* I’m up April 25th *cough*

    More relevantly, I expect you to do quite well, Marina. You’re a good blogger.



    • Riyoga, you are so sugooooooi! >>
      And if it comes by some miracle that we go head to head, I WILL REVEAL MY GAME FACE AND TEAR YOU TO PIECES!


  5. Glad to see another blog in the tournament. My aspirations of mediocrity have to compete with an entire organization of geniuses. I’m sure it will be fun though. Best of luck.


    • Ahh, good luck to you, as well 🙂 I’m familiar with Organization of Anti-Social Geniuses, but I look forward to getting to know your style through your blog; that’s the best part about this competition.


  6. This is my first time participating as well. Judging from the brackets, we probably won’t meet each other since I’m all the way in the green bracket :p Anyway, best of luck 😀


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