ISML 2012 Official PV (The real thing)

In line with April Fool’s Day, ISML gave us a gag PV for the 2012 Regular Season (though it seems a bit early to me since we don’t have our full list of contestants yet).  Not long after, we got the real thing:

Though the PV is already out, we still have one more Preliminary Phase to go.  Phase III consists of 64 candidates per division (Nova and Stella).  The sixteen groups of four will compete in a single elimination tournament, and bracket winners will move on to the Regular Season.

Girls I’m still crossing my fingers for include:

  • Ayase Chihaya
  • Shinonome Nano (though my hopes are low as the Nichijou cast has been doing very poorly)
  • Kuronuma Sawako
  • Shinonome Hakase
  • Ika-Musume
  • Yune
  • Hoshii Miki
  • Anjō Naruko

Voting for the final Preliminary Phase begins again on Sunday, April 8th.

5 thoughts on “ISML 2012 Official PV (The real thing)

    If you can’t win this time, you never will, so with the power of your final season on your wings, soar to victory!

    I’ll go prepare rations ahead of time for when I become a depressed husk of a human being once she loses again.


    • :p Of COURSE you’d cheer for Shana :p I really thought she might actually win last year, so her chances this year are probably much higher with the third season having finished. Don’t count her out yet!


    • Oh no no, this is a competition much like Saimoe. It’s basically an online, year round competition that pegs girls from anime tv series against one another, a “popularity contest” of sorts. Phases include the nomination phase, the Preliminary phase, the Regular Season (the bulk of it), and the single-elimination Postseason.

      Thanks for the nomination!


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