Last Exile: Fam, Ep. 14 | Flying Fancies and an Upheaval of Control

If you were hoping to watch an episode featuring an epic battle between the two Exiles of Turan and Glacies, then you’ll be disappointed to find out that Fam opts to skip the fighting and starts up immediately after the Federation’s complete victory and destruction of yet another nation.  The decision to cut out this battle makes sense to me on an overall directing level–we’ve already seen what happens when Liliana mans the controls.  Choosing to feature it would most likely also take up a full episode given the amount of detail that Gonzo likes to put into these fight scenes, even more so for a battle between Exiles.  Despite the emotional impact of the confrontation when coupled with the visual of the annihilation of Glacies, Gonzo also probably wants to save the fireworks for a showdown with another Exile, maybe even that of Anatoray-Disith.  It’s for purely selfish reasons that I want to see what happened.  Maybe a DVD/BD-release special?

It looks like Fam has taken a downward dip, once again, with a return to Fam’s idealistic plans for the future; however, the episode was saved from complete shallowness with Vasant’s anti-Luscinia movements in both Glacies and the Ades Federation.  If it wasn’t for Millia, I’d vote to focus solely on our side characters and the machinations of parties like the Federation and Anatoray-Disith.

Starting with the softer side of “Smothered Mate,” I actually thought that Millia would finally shed the veil of innocence that Fam devoutly touts and go through with her decision to eliminate her sister.  Granted, Liliana will most likely turn out to be acting out of the interest of the greater good (somehow?) and her death would transfer Turan’s Exile to Millia, but I still can’t help but want some type of repayment for the obliteration of two nations.  Luscinia obviously should bear the brunt of it, but no manner of excuse forgives Liliana for all the sacrifices that she has made in the name of peace.  Millia’s change of heart ends up being much too harsh for tender Fam, resulting in a very hockey-reminiscent vanship race.  That a simple race is enough to change Millia’s mind and bring her “back to the light” of bringing about happiness to all is simply laughable, but hey, that’s Fam for you.

Far more worthy of examination are the restless loyalties of a few choice Federation officers. The more surprising unrest is the scene between Ōrang and Sorūsh.  As two of the five Ades Federation generals, they are among the last I would imagine questioning Luscinia’s tactics.  They point out how Luscinia’s so-called justice has far exceeded the needs of any normal human being.  His vision of peace seems to mystify even those closely around him.

Vasant follows through on her earlier promise, satisfying my expectations for her eventual rebellion.  First, we see a curious scene between her and the last surviving Glacians, all that remains of the Winged Maidens, that hints at an alliance against the “true enemy”.  Their share a mutual loss of home, as they are both all that remains of Glacies and Keios (Chaos?).  Even more astounding is the later scene in which she appears to have convinced Queen Sārā Augusta of the unjust violence that has been dressed up by the war for peace.  I find Vasant’s actions far more in line with the previous Augusta’s vision than those enacted by Luscinia and Alauda.  I would be more confident in their seeming ceasefire, if not for the other still dormant Exiles.  Luscinia, too, seems to have plenty more up his sleeve, which I expect will result in an all out battle featuring the as of yet unseen nation of Anatoray-Disith.

4 thoughts on “Last Exile: Fam, Ep. 14 | Flying Fancies and an Upheaval of Control

  1. If you were hoping to watch an episode featuring an epic battle between the two Exiles of Turan and Glacies, then you’ll be disappointed

    I am disappointed. 😦


  2. Instead of commenting on every episode one by one, I’ll briefly sum up my thoughts on the show up to this point. I LOVE IT!

    Like Bodacious Pirates that reminds me of Rogue Galaxy, Last Exile 2 reminds me of one of my all time favorite RPGs, Skies of Arcadia. It’s incredibly similar in terms of plot. You have pirates who suddenly become involved in a war against a somewhat empathetic tyrant who seeks to correct the World HIS way and it doesn’t matter how many lives are taken in the process.
    you have a main protagonist whose main goal is to bring peace to the world…and gather as many female love interests as possible (Though Vyse only had 2 and Fam has…4 right now?). Whether Fam will choose one depends on the writers. (Hint: My money’s on Gisey.) Plus, the protagonists aren’t pains in the butt.
    Another similarity is the villains use ancient weapons to pwn all. Lastly, the plot is very easy to follow for someone like me who has yet to see the prequel (So many shows on my schedule)

    Now I don’t judge this sequel by comparing it with its prequel since I have yet to see it so when I review this puppy I won’t make comparisons. Heck I’ll review the prequel the exact same way.

    Lastly, Russian Amazons FTW!


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