Last Exile: Fam, Ep. 12-13 | Oasis and Storm

I’m way behind on the episodic posts, but I’d rather still post about these past two episodes than skip them and just move on to the fourteenth episode.  I’m still sticking to the official episode numbering.

Ep. 12 “Blocked”
With the mystery of Glacies and its Wing Maidens, this episode felt like a breath of fresh air amidst all the Anatoray, Turan, and Ades Federation turmoil.  For just a moment, it was like I had stumbled into an oasis, one well shaded against the harshness of the outside world.  The ironic thing about this image though is that the reality of the environment and Glacies’ position in the war is far from sheltered.

The setting reminds me a lot of where I live–cold and filled with wide, open spaces.  The land is harsh, and its people have adapted to survive because of it.  Dian is our representative of Glacies, and despite having to put on a brave and almost forbidding personality, our main girls were able to draw out her soft side.  I really enjoyed getting to know Dian more, and getting an idea of the pressure she shoulders as a Wing Maiden.  It’s no surprise that she’s had to grow an armor of sorts to keep up the hopes of her people and fellow Maidens.  It was inspirational and scary seeing how the humble inhabitants of her country were so eager to greet her and help her out.  The last thing she wants to do is let them down as a protector of Glacies.

One of the moments where I really felt for Dian was seeing how she couldn’t even tell her fellow Maidens about housing the Turan princess and sky pirates.  While on one hand there’s a closeness in the mutual responsibility as Wing Maidens, on the other hand, there’s the truth of their country’s mentality towards outsiders.  They trust no one, and I can’t even blame them for the lack of desire to help others.  This is a stark contrast to happy-go-lucky Fam Fan Fan, who Dian openly views as naive (and I agree!).  The one place where they really understood one another, however, was at the end when they took Dian up for a flight so she could feel the wind and understand the feelings of the sky pirates.  Despite my frustration with Fam’s stubborn views, I do think it’s important to never let go of that ideal, even if you have to set it aside sometimes.


Ep. 13 “Bad Move”
If the previous episode was an oasis, then this episode is our desert storm.  It’s almost a happy accident that I have these two episodes posted together here like this, since they work so well for comparison.

Our two powerhouses go head to head, with Ades Federation roping in their allied vanguard to go against largely mysterious Glacies.  In addition, both sides have their own Exiles as that last weapon/defense.  I was riveted to my seat for this entire episode, but I was also distracted by its title and kept trying to pinpoint exactly whose move was considered the “bad” one.  For Ades Federation’s part, their calculated loss of their entire vanguard fleets may not have been bad in their eyes, but I was unpleasantly reminded of some medieval battle where the frontline is comprised of the lower class, the replaceable.  As much as I want to like the Wing Maidens, I really pitied the vanguard, whose leaders we got to know a little bit in their familial relationship with Vasant.

Then there’s a repeat of the previous ambush on the sky pirates, with the Ades Federation’s anti-vanship weaponry.  Despite Fam’s warning, the Wing Maidens don’t really have much of an alternative to executing their orders with their present resources.  The Glacies pilots who we’ve come to feel a fondness for have their numbers significantly cut down.  Was the bad move theirs, then?

And then there’s Glacies’ Exile, which turns out to be in the most inconvenient of locations for the Ades Federation forces.  I’m not sure exactly how they were able to get the Exile into the ground like that, but I loved the notion of building their entire main populace right smack dab on top of it.  Perhaps this won’t turn out to be the best positioning for protecting Glacies; however, the visual is both powerful and heart-pumping exciting.  But, we mustn’t forget that Ades Federation has an Exile of their very own.  Maybe Glacies revealing their own hidden weapon was the mistake, as it may have triggered an annihilation that would not have been so complete minus the Exile.

Who am I kidding? These are all bad moves! But boy, oh, boy, do I hope to see more moves like these in the following episodes.

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