Thanks, Anime, for all the…

Arwork by Nardack

This is a day to give thanks, though every day is always a good time to do so.  I wanted to take the time to give some anime thanks of my own.  Thanks to

  • my friend Nick,
    who was the one who introduced me to anime.  Though he is no longer with us, I remember him every day for his good heart, great smile, and bear hugs.  Thank you for Spirited Away, FLCL, and Mushishi.  Thanks for the midnight cheesy fries, loud tuba songs, and continual cheer.  You are and always will be missed.
  • all you anime bloggers out there,
    for doing what you do on a daily basis.  I have a bad habit of lurking without commenting, but trust me, I do haunt many of your blogs.  I have fun reading all of your different takes on anime, manga, figurines, and Japanese culture, and often use your own styles of writing as ways to improve my own.  I’m working on trying to leave a comment on every blog entry I read, but sometimes it’s tough!
  • ARIA,
    for bringing me Aria-shachou, Mizunashi Akari, and the wonderful world of Aqua.  You introduced me to my all-time favorite anime, animal mascot, female protagonist, and anime setting.  I look forward to re-visiting the Orange Planet several more times in the upcoming year.
  • my local comic shop,
    without which, I would be very much alone in my anime fandom.  Living in such a small town as I do makes it difficult for me to get my hands on anime merchandise without resorting to online shopping.  As tiny and out of the way as the store is, it satisfies my occasional urges to splurge on a new piece for my collection.
  • readers of Anime B&B,
    without whom I would have a difficult time writing new entries.  There’s much to be said for those who are able to keep on writing despite the lack of feedback, and even more to be said about those willing to give their thoughts on a humble blogger’s point of view.  I’ll save my more detailed blog thank yous for my 1-year anniversary (coming in January), but I still wanted to give a shout out here.

Later on today I’ll be feasting on some wonderful Thanksgiving food, but first comes my part in the cooking–caramelized shallots and Brussels sprouts, as well as warm spinach salad with caramelized onions, feta cheese, and almonds…mmm mmmm.  Thanks again, for reading, and feel free to share some of what makes you thankful 🙂

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