Bunny Drop Special 2.5 (Thoughts)

With the BD release of Bunny Drop comes 4 specials never shown on television.  The first of them, “Aquarium of Leaves,” is a delicious bite of the lovable tv series, and comes as a welcome change to this season’s list of anime.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying this season well enough, but I only have one (Chihayafuru) that even comes close to creating that fuzzy warm feeling.

Though only 5 minutes in length, this mini episode brought back everything that I loved about the show: Rin’s creativity and sweetness, Daikichi’s awkward but honest parenting, the soft, yet colorful, art and animation.  These all come together in a short moment that reminds you of the positives to parenting, what makes everything worth it.  This specific fansub also comes at a good time, since it’s fall and there are plenty of fallen leaves around for inspiration (though where I live, everything is already covered in snow).  One favorite tidbit includes Daikichi mistaking Rin’s leaf octopus for a starfish, which is a silly experience most anyone who has ever spent time around kids, or bad drawers, can relate to.

Another favorite moment is when Daikichi joins in on the fun and tries his own version of leaf art, beginning with cutting them up with scissors.  Rin is quick to point out that his way is not the right way, but cheating.  I laughed pretty hard here since I was thinking of my own versions of the leaf fish long before Daikichi’s attempt, and mine also included scissors.  I wouldn’t mind being scolded by Rin 🙂

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