Favorite Fall Females…for Now: 2011 Version

We’re only 4 or so weeks into the fall season, and my favorite characters are already making places for themselves.  I’ve always been attracted to strong characters with lots of resolve and motivation, a trend that continues to be true even now.  As always, thank you for reading, and I hope that you, too, will share your favorite maidens of Fall 2011.

Ayase Chihaya
of Chihayafuru
Chihaya leads the pack as the number one most interesting and likable girl of the autumn anime shows with her honesty, fervor, and loyalty.  Her pretty face helps, too.  From the very first episode of this anime, Chihaya succeeded in slapping me into attention–which is no mean feat given the short amount of time she had to work with.  Not only does this say a lot about the quality of this story’s writing, but it also speaks well of her character design and voice actress.  I have to hand it to her: Chihaya knows how to convey her passion for karuta, as well as stir the passions of those around her.

Irisviel von Einzbern
of Fate/Zero
I wasn’t a huge fan of Illyasviel, the Master of Berserker in Fate/stay night.  She was little and annoying and reminded me of fluffy little dogs that yap from the inside of designer purses.  Her mother, however, is none of that.  For all of her delicacy and sweetness, there’s a true strength that simmers from inside her; I can understand why Saber, too, is enchanted.  The reason for her birth and existence saddens; yet, it creates this feeling of fleeting beauty, the type that you’ll only see once in your lifetime.  Watch and remember the moments spent with her, because she won’t be around for long.

Shiguma Rika
of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai
There’s something completely irresistible about this science-crazed, robot-ecchi-loving, socially awkward high school girl.  It’s the whole sum of her parts: her messy pony tail, glasses, white lab coat, and attraction to all things science.  A good part of it also has to do with the unforgettable way in which she correlates a mecha battle with some hardcore sexuality.  Either way, she easily takes the lead as my favorite among the characters of Haganai, followed at a fair distance by Yozora.

So close, yet so far…
The following females are a joy for me to watch, though I’ve realized that they come to mind for other reasons than just personality and looks.

Ika Musume
of Shinryaku!? Ika Musume
I absolutely adore this anime, and was roped into loving it very early on with the first season.  However, as much as I love Ika Musume in all her child-like seriousness, I see her as more of a part of a whole.  The idea of the story as well as her surrounding cast members work all together to create that comedy that I love so much.  Without them, I don’t know if I’d enjoy her character so much.

Yuzuriha Inori
of Guilty Crown
Yet another character that greatly intrigues me, I find myself gravitating more towards her singing voice than towards her person.  Her “character’s” vocals in the OP and the ED are simply breathtaking, and among some of my favorite songs of the fall.  In particular, I played the OP from the first episode over and over again (“Euterpe” by EGOIST).  Her actual acting and regular voice don’t pull me in as much.  If she wasn’t so pretty to look at, I’d easily overlook her.

of Fate/Zero
I’m surprised that Saber hasn’t made my list of favorites for the season, but it’s early for her yet.  She was a character who grew on me in F/SN, and I expect that that may be the case here, as well.  I also can’t shake the feeling that she’s an older character, one who does not qualify for a position in “this season.”  I’m really looking forward to her moving up into my favorites list as the season continues and I hope to see new sides to her character.

Growing pains:
I expected to have favorites among Tamayura ~hitotose~ and Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam, but sadly, that is not yet the case.  Tamayura reminds me a lot of ARIA, but lacks the appeal of an interesting setting and plot.  That may sound odd, given the fact that ARIA ambled around quite a bit and seemed to have no plot for the good majority of its episodes, but the goal of becoming an undine was always there.  I do like the peaceful themes of these first few episodes in Tamayura; however, I’m still waiting for the show to enchant me.  Fam, likewise, has a lot pushing it up with all my hopes and expectations, but I’m still struggling with the character archetypes of its leads, Fam and Giselle.  They must undergo some trials and growth before I’m able to see some depth to their characters.

8 thoughts on “Favorite Fall Females…for Now: 2011 Version

  1. I am a Rika fan as well. Science is hot! I’m not quite convinced that robots are yet, but she’s making a strong case.

    My other favorite female from this season is Yuno Gasai.


    • Hehe, I’m not so sure about the sexiness of robots yet, either, but I’m sure Izumi Konata would agree.

      As for Yuno Gasai, I do find her veeeeery interesting, though I’m not sure I quite like her yet. Stalking isn’t really my thing, but I guess it’s quite convenient for keeping Yuki alive.


  2. I’m with you apart from Inori. Even her singing voice can’t disguise how dour and lifeless she is. Actually, she’s fairly representative of Guilty Crown in general! ^ ^

    As for Last Exile, just pretend Dio’s female (which shouldn’t be too difficult) and you’ll have a great candidate from the show. Stay fabulous, Dio! XD


    • I admit that I’m pretty disappointed with GC, so far. The latest episode was pure drivel with its voids and such.

      And I’m withholding my opinion on Dio since his personality in Fam differs greatly from the one he had in the original. ^_^


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