Menma (Spring/Summer 2011) Banner


In conjunction with the currently airing anime, AnoHana, and my food-themed, anime blog, I present to you the latest banner for Anime B&B.  It features the lovely Menma and her delicious bowl of ramen (source image).  Of course, any AnoHana fan knows that her favorite bowl would include a stirred egg, instead of a whole one >.< Enjoy the summer addition!

On another note, I decided to pick up the new Twenty Eleven WordPress theme.  Let me know what you think!

Previous banners can of course be viewed on my GFX page.

10 thoughts on “Menma (Spring/Summer 2011) Banner

  1. Your new banner is really cute. :3
    I ‘daw every time I see it. xD

    By the way, I also saw your work on Riyoga’s blog, and I was wondering: what do you use to make your banners? I have photoshop elements, which I use to make simple banners. The other 5 banners on Riyoga’s site were made by me. The one you made looks really fantastic, though. I love the coloring; it has a very professional quality to it. 🙂


      • I figured it was Photoshop CS5. You can make some really awesome stuff with that; elements can barely compare.

        Do you think you could possibly make a banner for my blog, please? I just saw the one you made for Riyoga, and I wished I had one of my own…


        • Yeah, I’d love to make a banner for your site 🙂 You’ll just have to let me know the dimensions, and details of what you’d like in the actual banner itself (renders, backgrounds, feel, text, w/e). I like the cutesy feel of your blog–as you can tell by my own banner–and wonder if you’d like to keep that same vibe.


  2. Yay! Now, I’m really excited. 😀

    The dimensions I use are 1,000 x 300. I would really love having Gintoki from Gintama in there (I know you haven’t watched it yet, but I’ve kind of adopted him as the mascot of my blog xD). I’d also like to request that the text is red or light pink, but if those colors don’t match with the image you’re using, then I don’t mind what colors you use. Oh, and I also prefer lighter background to darker ones, but if you think the picture you’re using will look better with a darker background, then by all means, use it. I love the cutesy vibe! If you want to make it cute, make it cute… If you want to make it serious, make it serious. Either way, I’m sure I’ll love it. xD

    Also, if you can’t find any pictures of Gintoki to use, I recommend using pixiv or zerochan, though if you absolutely can’t find any pictures of him that you’d like to use, or you already have a picture in mind that you wanted to use for the banner that isn’t Gintoki, you can go ahead and use that instead.

    Thank you so much! I hope I’m not robbing away your free time by asking you to make this for me. The life of an anime blogger is a busy one, what with trying to juggle real life responsibilities, an identity on the internet, and anime watching. >.<


      • Wow! Those are really, really awesome!! Thank you so much!

        The picture of Gintoki in the first one is extremely cute, and I really like how you worked the text. The strawberry milk picture on the far left clutters it a bit, but the whole cute theme is perfect. x3

        The second one is really badass. I love it. Thanks so much again!! They’re going to look great on my blog. 🙂


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