2011 International Saimoe League – Nomination Phase Begins!

Nominations last from tonight, Sunday, February 6th, at midnight GMT until Sunday the 13th at midnight.

For those of you unfamiliar with the International Saimoe League:

The International Saimoe League (ISML) is an organization whose mission includes
1. Increasing exposure of Japanese animation and pop culture to the public,
2. Discovering which anime character is the most moe as decided by majority rule,
3. Maintaining a community and network of anime enthusiasts, and
4. Planning and executing events responsibly, ethically, and efficiently.

ISML hosts an annual tournament that calls on anime fans worldwide to decide which anime girl stands as the most moe of all time. Voting events are held several times a week in a league of round-robin matches that lasts nearly a full year.  (Source)

When nominating, please be sure to avoid naming girls who have already pre-qualified to the preliminary phase.  Have fun!

5 thoughts on “2011 International Saimoe League – Nomination Phase Begins!

  1. Showing my lack of true anime knowledge I’m not entirely sure what moe is. I looked at the link and I’m guessing maybe cute?


    • Mmm, yes you could say cute. In reality though, moe means something slightly different to each person. You could, however, generally apply the term to those warm feelings you have towards a given female anime character. Certain characteristics of her personality and/or look probably endear her to you.

      There are also a lot of negative connotations about moe and the extremes some fans go to display their devotions. Like most everything, I find moe harmless and fun in moderation and would never deign to apply such 2-D features and attitudes toward a living human being. Some people would call my definition mere “interest” instead of “moe,” but I never cared for such black and white viewpoints anyways. 🙂

      At the end of the nomination period, I’ll post my own entries!


  2. Thanks for explaining it to me. I think I get it, but I’m not entirely sure. It seems more like an evoked feeling created by a character more than anything else. I look forward to your entries. It might further help.


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